Sunday, May 6, 2012

of healthy;

past two days ago, i managed to create another blog that i named it, Healthy Lifetsyle With Eyanz Azeanthy which i've created to share any tips of being healthy in life. 

currently i notice mostly people are deemed healthy is not important matter. i bets they won't bother when people starts talking about health-stuffs with them, they won't hear, thus there are increases in health problem statistic. they may be say 'it's okay', but for me, it's something i really feel not okay. again, the more i heard about health-related to physical inactivity problem, the more concern i am. 

i found people outside there, whose having this problem, and just now, they were regretting for didn't listen to advices, for living on their sedentary lifestyle. i met my patients and talked briefly about tips to maintain healthy lifestyle as i concerns about them. and some of them were asking me to rewrite my health-tips in a website, so that they can always review me, and read all those health-stuffs. they kind of adoring my advices, thus inspires me to create this health-stuffs blog. so i did it if this will do them better. 

i don't expect rewards for compensation. i just want people to live on healthy lifestyle, that's why i created it. frankly, i will be more happy if they apply it, that will be more better than nothing. Nothing less, nothing more. i just want to see people healthy, to see their happiness. 

so if you're motivated to live actively, stay with me and keep on reading thus apply the tips i'm going to share whenever. that will be better for your life, for your health, solemnly. thank you in advanced.


millerJ said...

support given 120%... just go on with ur heart sis, do what it tells u. u r helping the world and now it is their choice to accept it, or not. good job sista^^

Eyanz Azeanthy Paiman said...

thanks dear.surely i'm gonna go with my good will...thanks for the support...god blessing you..=)

Armstrong said...

Please include this category in your blog. "How to get thin."

:D Wakaka. But seriously, I need to remove this excess fat from my tummy.

Happy Monday, Azeanthy!