Friday, May 25, 2012


going back to Sabah on this evening.
i missed my hometown, family, friends, boyfriend and pets so much! i just can't wait until my flight. wo de fenji xiawu 4.35 qifei, wo hen xiangjia!

i really missed my cats=)

we have seven cats in our home, and all them are beautiful, so cute!

as soon as i arrive at KKIA, NJ will fetch me up, and going for dinner. last-night he told me that he want to bring me together to his friendly-futsal-game tonight soon after he fetch up me. okey, i notice. that's an excitement anyway.going to see how skillful he is, and so forth.=) btw tomorrow we have plan to go somewhere, maybe for lunch i guess, and of course, going shopping together, i love going shopping with him, at least he can tell me which one is better or not, affordable or anything else. i don't know why, it just like that.

and yeah, my final year is almost done, i'm happy this semester i'm quite smart in time-management. i really feel enjoy this time, no tension, not in stressful anyway. i thought this semester will be a blast to me. InsyaAllah=)


Winnie Irene said...

going back for good already ka dear?? wah. if so. im jealous.hehehe. i have another 1 month to hold on too. neway, wishing u all the best fr ur final sem.hopefully,we will be able to graduate in time. hehe

echaRierie said...

yeahh..slmt balik kg..
wahh..pack owh lps smpai kk..

echaRierie said...

yeahh..slmt balik kg..
wahh..pack owh lps smpai kk..

Michelle Sung said...

7?? that's a lot of meow :) bah welcome back to sabah and have a safe-great journey.

Akue Achik said...

selamat bercuti sis! enjoy ur days.. ^^

Eyanz Azeanthy Paiman said...

tahnks for dropping by here..yups, going back, but just for awhile.its ok,1 month is quite near...don't too sad...=)

echa:yups dear,so pack pas smpi kk...hee....tahnks aa....

michelle sung;
thnks dear..yups, we owned 7 cats at home,we loved them much!=)

akue achik:
thanks dear..i'm gonna be happy in sabah...=)

millerJ said...

what an adorable meow meow.. hehe. have a good holiday sis! it's just nice to be home kan ;)

beaty said...

cute kitteh

EtySalbiah Abdurrasik said...

hye yan..welcome back to sabah..kirim salam azlanny,selamat pengantin baru..hehe..btw,love ur meow2 also..oready besar2 uda dorang..=)bha,may u have a nice holiday yaa..enjoy ur day..

SimplySeoul said...

woww lots of, lots of cats. happy holiday :))

Aemy Shamy said...

awww...your cats are so cute, so beautiful!!! ^^ i like the black & white cat..hehe
enjoy your holiday!!

Misya Mialen said...

wah, come betul tu kucing;) slmt pulang dik;)

Armstrong said...

Meeeeooow! Raaawwrrr... Cute o your cats. But then, kucing mana yang nda kiuts kan hehee.

Kucing tda bulu la cute ;P wakakaa.