Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Poring Hot Spring

lastnight NJ has returned to Ranau as we got plan to go somewhere today;

so today early morning as 8 am, we already stand by at Hot Spring Ranau Sabah with my family. we have a blast day, and i really can't help myself from jumping down to the pool excitedly. NJ didn't use to swim, he preferred to immerse himself in a very warm-water for whole time rather than swimming. so for awhile, i left him behind just because i really keen of swimming. i can tell you how much i love of swimming ( i even have a swimming-suit as my collection in my wardrobe) =)

i don't own this photo, credits to Mr Google.

so tomorrow we don't make any plan yet for our holiday, it's time to rest i thought, as this Friday is my brother's solemnization. and Saturday is the wedding ceremony. so i'm going to spend lots of time are going to be there, on his wedding day, it's okey, i just can't wait the moment.

what else yaahh, actually i have no idea what to post today. but because it's all about the moment i spent out with NJ and  my family, so finally, i've decided to share here. so i think it's enough for today. more days left for me and NJ to spend together. so more stories will be shared in my upcoming update. so BRAVO! i say. have a nice day there and good nite. daaaaaaaa.....

Friday, May 25, 2012


going back to Sabah on this evening.
i missed my hometown, family, friends, boyfriend and pets so much! i just can't wait until my flight. wo de fenji xiawu 4.35 qifei, wo hen xiangjia!

i really missed my cats=)

we have seven cats in our home, and all them are beautiful, so cute!

as soon as i arrive at KKIA, NJ will fetch me up, and going for dinner. last-night he told me that he want to bring me together to his friendly-futsal-game tonight soon after he fetch up me. okey, i notice. that's an excitement anyway.going to see how skillful he is, and so forth.=) btw tomorrow we have plan to go somewhere, maybe for lunch i guess, and of course, going shopping together, i love going shopping with him, at least he can tell me which one is better or not, affordable or anything else. i don't know why, it just like that.

and yeah, my final year is almost done, i'm happy this semester i'm quite smart in time-management. i really feel enjoy this time, no tension, not in stressful anyway. i thought this semester will be a blast to me. InsyaAllah=)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Red blood!

Peace be upon you,

red is one of my adorable color; red gave a vivid effect on picture, a ferocious impression and fierce looking. but then i loved wearing red-shawl. by putting this color on myself, i thought i could be an assertive person, that maybe could make others be afraid to be close with me. and i just like the way i dressed currently.

just like before, i used to put any contrast colors on myself, as i loved contrast colors. and i like to try any kind of style or fashion in this world, as i'm so curious on how i'll look alike when wearing that pierce-colors-outfits. but again, for sure, i'll always make sure that i will not look odd, yet weird when wearing them. enough to say, 'an overfashion'!

and just for you information, sunglasses is also one of the important thing i will bring together anywhere i go. as nowadays days are so hot outside there, the UV light may damage your eyes, and you may suffers eyes problem. so it's a necessary i think. don't know, just for my opinion.=)

and last but not least,
today is our 1st day of Rajab's, the full of rewards month as this month as regarded as one of the sacred month of Allah s.w.t. so we are recommended to invent worship as much as possible to show our gratitude to Allah, besides of to get benefits from its merits and blessings.

"O Allah, make the months of Rajab and Sha'ban blessed for us, and let us reach the month of Ramadan (i.e. prolong our life up to Ramadan, so that we may benefit from its merits and blessings)."

so Selamat Menunaikan Ibadah=)

May god blessing you all.

p/s credits to my bestie Lydia Micheal for this awesome photographs. thank you dear!=)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

this maybe the last from me;

last-Friday we have an opening ceremony for SUKOL in Stadium UiTM. so they asked me to be a 'Flower-girl' on that night. i don't bring Kebaya here as i left them in Sabah, and i was impasse to find custom for our university. but lastly, i came up with idea to combine all my stuffs into Princess-custom likelihood.

i love bunny so much. when i saw this bunny, i felt so excited that i can't remember how i react on it last-time.

with my bestfriend, Lydia Micheal

and in that moment we were gathered up on the field, just suddenly i felt i'm going away and touched. this event maybe the last event i was participated, as i'm going to graduate this year. all memories i got here will never be erased until later.

and today i got soreness on right hand as yesterday i've represented in Pingpong tournament. i've done with my best, and i hope everything gonna be okey. and oh, lastweek i've presented my research topic,and it was accepted by my coordinators.some of them said that my topic was so different than others, so unique and what i can say now is, bravo!! thanks goodness. i know this Dragon year will bring lucky to me.=)

p/s going back to Sabah on this Gawai@Kaamatan holiday for my second brother's wedding day. =)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

of Citra-warna Malaysia;

been engaged in traditional dancing training schedule recently. just in few days ago, i was invited to represent my university in Citrawarna dancing for SUKOL opening ceremony. just like other dancers, i got difficulties in remembering the steps as we've no ample time for training. but then everything are okay 'till now, so i need more practices anyway. 

i hope i'm not the one who going to spoil my team on that day.

so wish me lucky ya!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

let me say;

trust me,
photo is taken during our annual Couple-Anniversary at Pantai Tanjung Aru on 1st of may.

it will not take long for you to make me a part of your family. it's a god's certainty, but i've feel no remorse to make it come true in future. so there, please bear me, my dear. just awhile, i need your patience. so please, stay waiting for me, as always.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

of healthy;

past two days ago, i managed to create another blog that i named it, Healthy Lifetsyle With Eyanz Azeanthy which i've created to share any tips of being healthy in life. 

currently i notice mostly people are deemed healthy is not important matter. i bets they won't bother when people starts talking about health-stuffs with them, they won't hear, thus there are increases in health problem statistic. they may be say 'it's okay', but for me, it's something i really feel not okay. again, the more i heard about health-related to physical inactivity problem, the more concern i am. 

i found people outside there, whose having this problem, and just now, they were regretting for didn't listen to advices, for living on their sedentary lifestyle. i met my patients and talked briefly about tips to maintain healthy lifestyle as i concerns about them. and some of them were asking me to rewrite my health-tips in a website, so that they can always review me, and read all those health-stuffs. they kind of adoring my advices, thus inspires me to create this health-stuffs blog. so i did it if this will do them better. 

i don't expect rewards for compensation. i just want people to live on healthy lifestyle, that's why i created it. frankly, i will be more happy if they apply it, that will be more better than nothing. Nothing less, nothing more. i just want to see people healthy, to see their happiness. 

so if you're motivated to live actively, stay with me and keep on reading thus apply the tips i'm going to share whenever. that will be better for your life, for your health, solemnly. thank you in advanced.

Friday, May 4, 2012

you could always follow me;

while i was struggling myself for the goals here, i've suddenly reminiscent the moment me and NJ spent our weekend at Kinabalu National Park(my second brother's house) on last Sunday. i've only few photos taken there, and it brought me happiness.

at my first arrival there, i was shocked to see a bunch of cats and kittens parked on the frontyard of the house. so many more than thirty something cats and kittens i remember!the owner must  be really a cat-lover, as well me. =)

and this is NJ with my nephews;

and i enjoyed the moment i spent with NJ and my family;

our trip that day wasn't stop here. after that, we went to Mesilau for photoshoot session with my darling friend Fana. so going to upload a set of film soon in my next-post.

and just lastnight i was told to join a team in pertandingan Debat Piala Canselor 2012, it will be held on 18th until 21th of May in UiTM shah alam. so lots of preparation need to be considered. it's been awhile i had restrained myself from any debate competitions because of less time, but now since time is available, thus i can join up them.
on the other hand, Ping pong tournament almost there. i've been spammed with training schedule, but then, it's not a torture for me, i thought it's a way to avoid stressful life. to play games in tournament are exhilarated. i feel i'm not in the end of my rope, and again, i felt energetic to get involved in sport. that's the main point.

so say Bravo! for the challenged time.!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Happy couple Anniversary;

yesterday on the 1st may of 2012, NJ brought me to Pantai Tanjung Aru to celebrate our couple-anniversary for this year. its been years we have been through all the sweetsoured moments in our life, and he never changed his feelings towards me. to show my gratitude, we talked a lot about the 1st moment we've met and declared our relationship in back, and about future, of course.

i just can't forget the moment NJ proposed me to be his special girlfriend years ago, and all the moments are wrapped together in our memory. and the moment he proposed me with a ring is always precious to us; and dear NJ, thanks for proposing me to be you special one in your life,

and talk about pink, yes, just currently i missed to wear all my pinky-stuffs, and i liked it much!

'love comes from most unexpected places and it can happen to anyone without warning'-
by Eyanz Azeanthy Paiman.

and it happen on us; between me and Noorlizam Jamlee,

Happy Couple Anniversary 2012 to u my love!