Friday, April 27, 2012

you can always trust me;

dear sweetheart,
if i say i won't leave you alone, that means i really need you in my life,

if i ever yell you somewhere, that means i really want you to explore my feelings,
and if i ever say 'i hate you' whenever, that doesn't mean i want to forget and just leave you like that.

the thing is, i'm sort of secretively person, i'm not telling you 'i love you' everyday doesn't mean i don't love you much. to be honest, i always have no idea how to say something nice and sweet-words when we get fight, i thought i should learn to be persuasive person, so that i can reconcile our relationship. someday i wish you can see how much i can do that in reliable.

dear my pretty boy,
thanks for being my supporter, for the compliments, for the encouragement, and all the sweetsoured experiences we had been together all this time. nothing much, the only main point i want to sress here is, YOU CAN ALWAYS TRUST ME whenever and wherever we are, because once i got you, i never mind to think other guys anymore. that is my principle.

so, no more doubt and untrust between us,
i swear, we can always trust ourselves, respectively.

love you-


Akue Achik said...

i think he knows. :)

echaRierie said...

i like ur principle.
sbb sy pun gitu jgk. :)

Aemy Shamy said...

very nice..i should follow ur example..every girl should :)
im sure he trusts u, u're a kind woman..he's lucky & he knows it :)