Saturday, March 10, 2012

Earnestly Portraitures; E.A.P

Morning readers!!!

its been a week i was here waiting for the meaningful day of graduation. i've been proposed by my university to work here started this October until on. well, that's a good news as my future seemed guaranteed and i like it much!thanks god.

in other words, today is my second brother's day. my parents are going to propose someone as his partner life, i means my bro is going to end up his single life. so sad i wasn't there to see how happier they are, but it's okey, i'm cool as always.

and the last but not least;

yesterday i've got a problem to upload photos in  my blog. i have no idea what's really happened to my account. but one of my darling follower suggested me to use other browser and it's really work here..thanks my reader. you're great darling.

anyway, set of this album can be seen in my PHOTOBLOG anyway. wish to see u there. thank you!=)


millerJ said...

that's great! already been proposed eventho blm konvo lagi.. feel happy for u too sis ^^

nice pics, like usual... and glad to hear dat it worked well, to try another browser. hihi :)

I added cool smileys to this message... if you don't see them go to:

Elih Japahar said...

Bila grade tu Yan? napa sejuk jak mata tengok gambar2 ko ni...mmg ada bakat jd photographer :)

Azeanthy Paiman said...


thanks in advanced for the compliments. i really have no idea what's going happened in the first place, but u gave me meaningful suggestion and i tried it and it's really work here. thanks u!=)

tahun ni grade sdh elih.within a few months, insyaAllah...thanks aa...mgkn ada oenyejuk dlm gmbr sy tu kn.,hehe..

Mr.Clive said...

so sorry didn't reply back.seriously sorry.
anyway, all the best to ur brother and may all will go smoothly.

Kay Masingan said...

nice pic Yan..:) ada bakat jadi model dan jg photographer

Akue Achik said...

nice picture! as always.. :))

sis pla bla maw akhiri zmn bujang? ehehee..^^

Anonymous said...

Loving the pics :). Aww.. congrats for your brother. And..what about u? Hehehe. Jk ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow that's a good university indeed. I'm happy u have a bright future ahead. I wish I will too. #fingerscrossed

beaty said...

rajin ko ni tgu gear sa lu lah..harap2 buli dapt sebelum month of may..