Wednesday, February 29, 2012

sparkling on my eyes;

i lived adoring this quote all this time;

The word"tip" stands for "to insure promptness."So when should you give it?Up front,of course. Sophisticated people don't take chances on poor service,they insure good service. Jim Rohn 

i loved living by being myself, simply me, no being other. i daresay something good is going to happen in my life, as long as i kept loving myself.

i don't really like people who lived by taking chances on poor service, that's why i don't take advantage on poor thing, but most of the time, i used to re-conciliate that thing. for that, i lived by myself, independently, not relying on other, because i trust myself, because i knew who i am, because only me really know about my-self.


Akue Achik said...

yup3..nobody knows u more than u do.. :)

believe in urself.. seriously, that`s what im trying to do for the time being..

may God always bless us..Amin.. ^^

Mr.Clive said...

love ur perspective on life. :)

Mr.Clive said...

it's not often that i see something written this way... :)

anahiettah afibs said...

lama x menjenguk akak manis dari ranau ni...

u know who u are & i know who i'am

Mr.Clive said...

good morning! hope u'll have a blast on this thursday!

OMG!it's March already! XD

anahiettah afibs said...

cepat terima rakan fbku.....heheheheheheheehe

Aemy Shamy said...

very cool principle :)
i think everyone should take u as a role model ^^