Wednesday, February 29, 2012

sparkling on my eyes;

i lived adoring this quote all this time;

The word"tip" stands for "to insure promptness."So when should you give it?Up front,of course. Sophisticated people don't take chances on poor service,they insure good service. Jim Rohn 

i loved living by being myself, simply me, no being other. i daresay something good is going to happen in my life, as long as i kept loving myself.

i don't really like people who lived by taking chances on poor service, that's why i don't take advantage on poor thing, but most of the time, i used to re-conciliate that thing. for that, i lived by myself, independently, not relying on other, because i trust myself, because i knew who i am, because only me really know about my-self.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Gift of the gab;

very grateful i say, i could talk eloquently, and gonna get myself into a team soon for debate tournament. i hope everything gonna be okey.

and it's a Saturday, and this weekend will be my second-last weekend to be here in my hometown. i am going to leave Sabah on next-weekend, and starting myself into classes,tutorials and university's activity afterwards. well, i'm just too impatient to start my final semester there, but then, i was moaning of leaving here. sure i'll misses all about here soon. 

one more thing, i'm going to buy a new acoustic guitar, it's all about passionate. that's gonna cut my budget this semester, but i hope sponsorship can afford me well throughout this semester. meanwhile, i'm so grateful as photography career had afforded me well all this time, besides of satisfaction, it helped me to earn money for living. thanks god. 

well, nothing else, some of my friends asking for photo-shoot session on this weekend, and i'm going to fulfill them. so have a nice day all. may god blessing us.amin~~~

Friday, February 24, 2012

Let me sign; Eyanz Nlizam

Picture memories photographed by NJ last-week at my place;

 also can find more photos of this set in this link, see us there ya..bravoo!=)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

what's the awesome gifts;

Being a student is not really likable i thought. There are many things we need to think about, all of them are sometimes not tolerable. Assignments, tests and final exam, are all miserable thing. i really don't wish to spend out my whole time of life with these stuffs. that's really tiring me, and i'm gonna die because of this. huh.

but if only you know, i really loved learning. i always wanted to learn something new in my life, and i knew, learning is a continuous process, and i'm gonna force myself to love those thing of assignment, test and examination. All are connected, i should learn to love them more. huh.

and talk about examination, gaaahhhh! i found something weird about my final examination result. so glad to see more grade A and B on my slip examination result, and very odd to see C in my favorite subject anyway. i didn't expect it, but i'm really glad to get those marks. with a very little efforts, i thought it's an extraordinary to get 3 pointer and above in that way, so i'm supposed to be grateful, and glad with my result. it's an awesome result anyway, thanks god for saving me!

next-month will be my final semester to be there in my university. oh my goodness, i am going to finish my degree, glad to think about that. well done, i always keep myself striving for my goals, i'm too earnest about that. so, i won't play around anymore. that's a pledge i sure. 

Thank you~~~

Monday, February 20, 2012

i always trust you;

one day, in a half day of fine Saturday, we walked slowly in a garden talked about ours,
'Dear, i have something to tell you, but i hope u'll not mad me...',he started our conversation, i looked him curiously,
'so tell me now.....and of course i'll mad if that a bad thing...',i said confidently, my heart started to pounding,
'see, just now i told you not to be mad....mmm..' he spoke shrugged, then smile grinned,'now what with that expression???'
'just let me know what u says dear..come on, i'm curiously', i convinced him, i breathed the air in and out of my nose, he seemed doubted to let me know,
'Dear, to be honest, just now i feel something knocking on my heart, something like....'
'something like what??'i sighed slowly,'huh,why i can't wait him to finish his words...arrgghh..'i started to monologue. 
'i found another girl i ever met before and i felt something towards her....' finally he spoke it explicitly, my heart stopped beating, 'what?what are you talking about?' i asked him again, 'yes, i saw another girl in my life...'he looked me serious, i felt like something heavies burden me, 'who that girl?tell me who is she??'i can't wait him to finish his words, i saw him starting to turn back from me,'please tell me who that girl???' i asked stiffness,
'she is wonderful person i ever met..just now, she changed a lot and only god knows how much i adore her..such a beautiful girl, with her intelligence..she's someone we knew well, i used to look out this girl years ago,and i can't stop thinking of her..i just can't get her out of my mind...' my breath stuck suddenly, 'what?you're keep in touch with her since years ago?means that you're cheating me, you just playing with me!aren't you??'
my tears started to drop out from my watery eyes, i just can't believe this, oh my god, save me please...
'no, i'm not cheating you...because the girl that i'd mentioned just now, is YOU!!!it's all about you!' he said confidently, i was shocked staring of him, 'what..what just...','dear, the girl that i had mentioned just now, is YOU...'he said softly, i felt heart-touched, he's now standing in front of me, staring at me,
'dear, since our first met, i knew u'll always be mine...because i saw pure love in your eyes, i saw sincerity in your eyes....darling, please believe me, i'll never let you go and sad, i'll make you happy, i'll do anything for you..that's because I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, i can't live without you....'i felt my tears coming down, i breathes gladly, now i believe you, 'I LOVE YOU TOO much!!!

he pulled out a ring from his pocket, keep looking my eyes gently,'darling, please let me to be yours forever...i want to live with you...please let me be your partner, forever....'he said confidently, enough to convince me, i created a smile of my lips,
'yes, i will be...yours..' he smile happiness, 'Yahuuuuu............!!!'..

i saw him cried happiness, and of course, i am so happy too...