Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ladyofneyzam's youtube;

LadyOfNeyzam   a.k.a Azeanthy Paiman

one of the reason i opened up Youtube's account is to subscribe fellows' youtube's channel. its been a year i made it by myself.
and just a week ago, i finally used that channel to upload some of my latest video clips. yups, it's sound interesting, but you know what, i did that not because wanted to be a glamorous. i only want to entertain people, to share something i love to do, and the feeling of satisfaction, is another main key for me to upload it. only that, i tell u.

Make desire to be a famous person is not easy, once you get it, you may feel happy and proud of yourself, but you forget about privacy. the thing is, when you get famous, it encourages strangers to dig and stalk yourself, and you may feel not comfortable for that. that's the risk i say. for sure, i'm not intends to be a famous one, frankly.

i only want to be my self, and i will always be my real self.

me is myself.

Noor Azeanthy Binti Paiman.


Aki said...

ho ho ho.. ^_^.v.. kalau sa pula, sa mo si Aki Borneo famous, tapi sa tia mau orang kenal saya.. ^_^.v..

nGiau said...

keep posting you video darl! :)

Azeanthy Paiman said...

aki,really?i thought you're famous blogger ever since la..hehe....

ngiau,thanks dear..and keep listening to me ya=)

Etong said...

bha minta link. mo dgr hehe

Aemy Shamy said...

there u go utube girl! hehe. i can imagine u become so famous & get into juara lagu or something..hehe...good luck!! ^^