Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Celebrate ours.

Its been 2 years and a half, we were loving and loved each other.

i decided to end up our relationship to an officially one, then only i met up with his family for the first time formally. i never thought that it would be a real, but frankly, upsetting him is like a forbidden in my life, and finally, seemed like our relationship is blessed, when his family treated me as their part ever since. 

it's like a miracle,that day i met up his whole family and talked about marriage with his mum, meanwhile, we were  planning to come up with new circumstance of ours, may be the more stronger bound, i guess. 

to celebrate this graceful moment, i should up with some planning...for sure, i am not going to leave him anymore, and not forever. for that, i hopes we'll always be blessed in our life. thank you god for the happiness, and the love you gave to us.


SimplySeoul said...

Allah blessed the two of you abundantly.

DoRa Priscilla said...

aww, God bless! ^^ lots of planing ahead

Aki said...

Well, ehem2.. Ko abis la skolah cepat2 n kawin ah Kak Yan.. :-p

Honeylizious Rohani Syawaliah said...

wah senangnya ada yang menyayangi kita selama itu :) semoga semakin tambah kasih sayangnya :)

Aemy Shamy said... sweet!!!!!!
don't forget to invite me aa...hehehe ^^
hmmm sy terhidu suda bau nasi minyak :D

ANA said...

i surely come to ur wedding! Even i'm not invited. HAHA.

Armstrong said...

LOL just now I thought you said end the relationship! Gosh bikin takazut o hahaa.

All the best to both of you.

And happy Saturday!

Kay Masingan said...

semoga terus bahagia selalu..:)