Monday, December 31, 2012

Welcome to new year 2013;

- By Noor Azeanthy @ Eyanz Paiman

Queen of the Night 2012

Saturday, December 29, 2012

How's going?

Hii Assalamualaikum....

its been awhile ya. been busy preparing my plan for engagement next study actually. i was in planning to experience more in sport medical together with my professor as we have planned to establish and develop a new environment or course in Sport Science field. it's hard you know, being a hope of my prof, and got high expectation from him.

Furthermore, i was engaged with KLIA for aerobic dance session since months ago. what i have done/ do is just designing and providing a program to them, and let's them learn it by themselves. we have two choices whether providing them with full package of aerobic session or just aerobic dance alone. what i mean here is, if we chose to give them a full package, we need to give them a complete program, which is started with a warming up session first, following with aerobic dance ( at least 1 hour), a cooling down session and some PNF a.k.a Prioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretching exercises. this usually takes more than 2 hours to complete and of course the payment will be increased too. ops.. if we chose to provide only an aerobic dance alone, then we only provide them with a bunch of aerobic dances. that's all. it's simple and enjoy. right??.

But then, it's hard for me 'cause sometime i have no time to spend with my friends and of course no time for my boyfriend as we are far away. i love to hang out with them but then, that's the sacrifice i should hold on. keep in making effort, and keep it up.

anyway, i don't want to ruin my day today. okey. let's start a story.

we have our Malam Pra-graduan dinner lately, and i was there too. so that night i was lucky as i won a Lucky draw and also a title of Queen of the night, at the meantime. So i got a new phone Nokia, gonna give it to my mum later and a beautiful crown of a princess. i was too lucky right??

so this is the face of the queen myself on that night=)

here i am,
miss Queen of the Night, Noor Azeanthy Binti Paiman

am i too lucky??...i think soo...
because the day after this program, i have been called for master interview. no preparation, no expectation. so i just attended the interview confidently. hope everything gonna be okey.

AND YET, my thesis is still in progress. i have finished it but still need a little editing. so i will only further my study in master after i finished my thesis okey. so don't expect more dulu laaa GOODLUCK to me! so wish  me lucky. byeeee.


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Latest of me;

Current status;

i am going to be a single.

free from anything.

but then,

don't get me wrong,

what i mean with 'single' here is not with my Mr Soulmate,
but with my thesis and industrial training report.

yups, i am going to break up with my thesis, yeay!!!

so going to complete it within a few days and then.....yeahhh!!!!

so, 2 weeks to go before going back to my hometown, and see my family, friends, and mr soulmate.

please pray for my master application. i have invited to attend an interview for master education 2 weeks ago, now i am looking forward to the announcement and registration. They said, 99% of the candidates that were invited to attend the interview will be absorbed in Master education, so i hope i will be in March 2013.
i can smell it actually, i am sure of it. for sure.hehe.

so i need to be prepared from now. so goodluck to me!=)

Sunday, December 9, 2012


Peace be upon you,

just now i feel no reason to do anything as i got severe back pain after got into car accident yesterday.
Day after tomorrow i am going to teach the student about back pain and now i just got it, oh, how terrified!

its like a miracle when i survived myself from it as many people who witnessed the incident said that i was like 'flying' to the air before i struck the highway divider. me myself also don't know how can i survived from a big crashes without getting worse injury. but then when i woke up on this morning i feel like aching, numbness and painful on my whole body. god please let me getting well..

anyway this is Allah's predetermine, no matter what, it has happened yesterday, i should be grateful and glad that i have survived from a big crash i never get before. so this is a lesson, i need to remember all these thing for the future. i should be alert and be careful on the road,especially on highway.

thanks god, i am glad i still alive now. i still here, pursuing my dream and keep in making effort for my future sake. i am just a small person in this world, i should be thankful for this chance. i will always remember this as a lesson.

Alhamdulillah, i survived it.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Reminder for myself;

its just like awhile i abandoned my blog without any updates.
guess what?i have a lot of stories in my mind, i just can't express it directly to the point.
bytheway, its a pleasure to share something here.

# i have finished my practical session at National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) 3 days ago. sound good ya, yeay!!!but at the meantime, how sad to leave Bangi you know, because there are lots of memories i have created there. Bangi, my first coming is grateful, and forever happening. now when i came back to Shah Alam, i felt like missing something here, i missed Bangi, for sure.

# but then, this song i am listening now We'll Coming Back by Calvin Harris lessened my sadness. i know one day i will come back to Bangi. i will get there somehow. p/s just now i feel like dancing, listening to this song. how excited!!!

# i got job-interviews recently. AIMST, KPJ, and currently is NIOSH. and i really have no idea which one i should get first. huh. i let Allah determine anything to me. as He is the best planner in this world...

# its been good to have fun and entertainment with friends sometime. my weekday is just like weekend now. i wake up in the morning, watch movie, surf internet, eat, and sleep anytime i want to. yeayyyyy!!!

# and relationship? i found it's hard to be in a long distance relationship currently. don't know why, i have been years in LDR, but now, i feel it's complicated to love and loved in LDR. i got issues, i got dilemma, and i was confused with my feeling. so please, i should keep my distance from anyone else in this moment.huh.what about broken heart???its nonsense.huh.

# don't know what to say. my thesis is still in progress,and training report so. i should get my evaluation form from my manager as soon as possible. that's all. 

so seemed like i should stop writing here. something need to carry out. so need to catch up all those thing before tomorrow. so long,good bye.=)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

more likely;

Heloo everyone.

i was listening to the Helo song by Karmin when suddenly i remembered my blog. just now i realized i almost forgot about my blogspot! oh so sad. so today i decided to spend a little time to write a short entry here.

what happen to me currently?
i have been offered to work at some places and i found it hard to decide which one position suits with you if you're not fully finish your study. i have many choices to live on my own life. i should seek advise from expertise first, before i can proceed my plan. i have plan A, plan B, and i  never stop thinking of the next plan, i won't stop it until i reach the real of my self-actualization. 

a week to go before i come back to shah alam for my final presentation. and soon after that, i am going to graduate and fully finish my task as a student of Bachelor in UiTM shah alam. i am so excited and thrill about it. i am looking forward to finish my thesis early than the allocated date we suppose to submit our thesis.

and January 2013 actually is a new life in my existence. i am actually in KIV for a position in sabah, one of the workplace that i assume i can gain a lot of experience, besides of fulfilling my intention to further my master in Sabah. it is a convenient thing i never want to let it go.

oh, this is not a short-entry, i didn't realize i almost wrote more than half of page here.haha.
so maybe i should stop writing here. save my energy for tweeting and tweeting. *i don't know why i'm so active in tweeting currently. all my attention was paid to Twitter and forget about my blog, and facebook.
bytheway, i am on my way to finish my thesis just now. i found it's easy and good to meet new people in life as one day those people can help us when we need it. thanks god i am finally found them. 

so have a gudnite all. last story, there is no water supply here at our place currently since today afternoon and this impeded me to run any activities in my daily life. i felt like moody and not happen to do anything. so i am going to sleep, wake up, breakfast, processing my thesis and sleep again on this weekend. how pathetic!
so long.have a nice day.daaa.

Sunday, November 4, 2012


i was active in health promotion at several places currently. so many thing happen to me and i can't find someone to share my stories. but it's ok, i will keep it safely.

in two months, i have learnt lots of thing, nothing less, all is more. thanks god. this session really improve my knowledge, experience and skill. Alhamdulillah,one day, i really hope i could apply it when i get a job.Job is waiting for me actually, so i am going to step into a new career within two month. oh, seriously, nervous!!!

so far, i am happy with my life. satisfying, and feel grateful for Allah and myself.
thank you so much for giving me some talents which i consider many of them don't have its. so i love my life.

thank you.=)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A guidance;

Peace be upon you,

hii everyone!!!
i hope everything is okay ya.

ok, direct to the point,
i got a comment from someone today. and here, i am going to express my regard to him/her.

Dear Help & Amp; Guidance, thanks for the guide you have shared with me. FYI, i never think criticism could dampen me down. instead i appreciated your comment, and guidance. this is a learning process i never want to let it go. i will take your guidance into my account, and keep in my mind for the rest of my life.
thank you so much for the guidance ya. may god blessing you. 
i am sorry i didn't publish your comment in my previous entry, that because its a confidential between us. but don't get me wrong, i really hope you'll do the same thing ( keep in guiding me) to my next post. i can guarantee u no war or revenge for that. i really appreciate your help and guidance, and now i need your guidance, more and more. keep it up ya. thanks in advanced.=)

ok, this weekend is a hectic time for me. am going to outstation for 4D3N for Total Wellness and Health Promotion with Maybank Academy. so wish me happy and strong ya.thanks.


Saturday, October 13, 2012

of yellow;

seriously i fell in love of yellow things.

i have a great confidence on future planning. i felt good, and glad.

and yellow now is my current favorite, 'cause yellow is brilliant, and shine..i feel like shining whenever i put in on myself.

Yellow is a gold. and i loved to have a GOLD in my life. not the ordinary one, but the extra-ordinary that could make me shines even in a dark. now i feel safe and comfortable at my place. so keep it up. =)

Saturday, October 6, 2012


it's been awhile i had had long hiatus since my last update. 
the way i felt before is not like what i feel now. the amusement, and self-enjoy, feel like nothing anymore.
'cause my life now has turn into hectic and i am such of optimistic all the time.

because i know i'm going to graduate and step into new career, for sure, i am kind of desperate for knowledge. i never stop for learning process, my ambitious is high over my expectation, i shall prepare myself for a fight and flight. nevertheless, think about future, i shall think it as a positive manner. for that, i enjoyed myself now.=) 

got swollen on my eyes currently due to allergic

so, another 7 weeks of practical session to go.i don't know what i feel actually. my body is too weak and weary since my first day of practical, but not my soul. my spirit is too high and strong as i never feel tired of learning new thing. curiosity, is one of my character, so glad for that. curiosity has led me to this level eventually. thanks for god, who created my soul wonderfully.

well, i am going to graduate. yeah, and bravo for that. so how about a career?..alhamdullillah,so far i have no problem in terms of career. there are hopes at anywhere. opportunity has come, and i am the one who suppose to choose wisely any one of its anyway. so dear Allah, please give me a sign and answer, so that my choices are not far from my expectation.

for that, i will let Allah determine for me,'cause Allah is the best Planner in this world. so wish me lucky. lucky that comes from a bless. a bless from Allah s.w.t. InsyaAllah..

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


my life has no regret, no revenge and no pressure. 


              For sake, i swear i will do the best of me for survival.

not my copyrighted, not my own.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Hello peers!
been busy with my departments' project currently. nextweek will be my project-day, and i couldn't imagine what will happen to me nextweek.

so i was assigned to handle a project of Jom Sihat carnival, and nextweek i am going to give a talk or seminar to NIOSH's staffs. quite nervous but i thought this is the time i waited for all this time. so on 27th Sept 2012, i am going to do full blood testing with them, taking blood and make a laboratory experiment on the blood. see, some of staffs starts talking nonsense about blood, 'blood is frightened, disgusted, and so forth'. but its not really affects me, because i'm a medic-person, i never afraid of blood, or seeing critical injuries. so i'm free of that thrilled emotion.hehe.

okey,proceed to the next interventions, 27th sept in the afternoon, me and my lecturer are going to handle a talk, my lect will present his presentation for 1-2 hour, and i'm going to give fitness training education in 1, or atleast 1/2 hour. so quite busy and nervous to confront the whole staffs of NIOSH ya. but its okey. i'll be alright.=). moreover, i need to spend my time with monitoring the staffs on training exercise for 1 month 'till i'd finish my practical.

so now i'm talking about leopard,
i don't know why but i just love leopard pattern i have bought totally plenty of shawls or tudung with leopard pattern. is it something wrong with me, or what??guess it by myself.=)

i think i should stop here. lots works need to focus. so goodbye everyone.have a nice journey ya.and i'm going to fly away tomorrow. to get my happiness. so bravo! to me! daaaaa.=)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

now at here;

now at here @ National Institute Occupational Safety and Health;

what i have so far made me impressed and more informative about safety health. to be honest, i never expected to have a very good moment here. so since i was here, that gives me more appreciative chance to improve my knowledge.
so today is my 3rd working day in NIOSH. there are less practical students here, and i'm the only one came from UiTM and got a special project here. isn't it a brilliant chance??i am a lucky person to be here.
moreover, our department@Ergonomic have a project which is involving 5000 participants as this is an international project. must be done carefully and enthusiastic. so goodluck to us.

during my 2nd day in NIOSH

BUT now,

i have lots works and jobs must be done. so goodluck and may god blessing all of u ya.stay cheers.daaa.

Monday, September 3, 2012


i've been thinking loads about 6# thing;

1# Thing is, i really have no idea which one offer i should choose for my career. i've been offered to work at several companies, and i don't know which one i should pick up first. i was wavered, either to work, or further my master, anyway.

2# after all, medical field is still my priority, my passionate field. so i might proceed my desire.

3# of practical session. i have 3 months to finish my practical session before i getting work. so its an excited, and adventured experience i thought. well, i always love practical session you know. so there is big evidence for me to complete it easily, and intelligence, for sure.

4# i came up with new idea of my upcoming thesis. i will start with assessment, diagnosing, giving treatment, and motivation. so dear my pre-patients, wait for me ya=)

5# i must say 'its a MUST' for saving money just now. upcoming planning is an excitation, nervous, but happiness. 2013 will brings more delightful meaning in my life. i'm sure.

6# its about a relationship. we were just in one step closer to our day. we have discussed and planned quite enough about it. so something cool and blithe will surely up on 2013, and 2014.=)

in overall, i was impatience to learn new things during my practical session. so i wish no pressure impeding my intention soon. with god's permission, and blessing, anything will be okey, as always.=)

Monday, August 27, 2012

just a little time;

Happy Eid 2012 to all muslim...
its been a week we were celebrating Eid 2012 and i really missed the moment of eid. there are loads things made me happy and this is the greatest eid i ever celebrate after all. 

and this picture below was taken at NJ's house during his big brother's wedding reception. we had gathered up together in that event with my family and his big families. seeing each other and introducing me to his families. i was too nervous i almost lost control of my feeling but then his families are the kindness family i ever met. and there is a brief discussion regarding our relationship between us.hehe. thanks god for the bless on us.

so just now and then till the awaited moment, we put responsibility on us to make our dream come true. just a little time for one step closer, and we're going to achieve the real happiness in our life. may god blessing u.


Saturday, August 18, 2012

in the between of;

i swear this year has brought loads memories and experiences into my life. some of them are bitter, but for everything i have done, most of them are sweet and blithe. but memory is still 'only' memory, the present life must be through, and keep going on. the thing is, its all up to us, either to choose anyone of them.

so, Ramadhan month is going to end, the last-day maybe today, and i'm bits of sorrow to let this month  leaving us. i always love Ramadhan, its bring much calmness and peaceful into my life. but then, Raya is always awaited moment, and i liked and missed the happiness and happening of Aidilfitri, so WELCOME TO HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI...=)

so to all muslims, Selamat Hari Raya Maaf zahir dan batin to all of you. i might not there with you all, but my heart does. so, happy eid-fitri all of you. be cheers, and happy always.

see u next-post ya.=)

Monday, August 13, 2012

the gratitude feelings of now and here;

Peace be upon you,
it's been awhile since my last update. Ramadhan is now and here, and i am very glad to be here with families and friends during the Ramdhan and Aidilfitri. this year has brought a very calmness and new strength into my life. it's been so long i haven't feel this peacefulness.

and i'm counting the day of my practical session, to finish my practical so that i can proceed to the next step of my life. i wavered, torn either to work, or further my study into next level. i'm quiet sure god knows the best way of my future, He surely won't let me floating in the stream. the thing is, i always confident there are something good will appear on the 2013. for sure and i'm waiting for that.

so love is unexpected thing we should never expect how it will be. we never know with whom god has arranged to wed us.for that, i'm praying and giving all my hopes to Allah, because He is the best planner in this world,and the whole universe, for sure. 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

secrets, hopes and dreams;

me myself, wasn't sure i'd like composing song when i first started involved myself in music arena, but this kind of stuffs are completely brilliant. i even made it easy, such a breezy idea! plus, i get to do loads of my favorite art-stuffs. 

i'd love to spend more time on my latest artistic progression, but my main career pathway is such a struggle for me to do it 100%. minus business field, i realized i was attracted to involve myself in business now and then, i can't bear to let my talent goes away from mine. 

how can i keep my secret hidden though, when now my hopes over-exploded my truly desire?me now wondering if i can even fulfill it at a same time on the same place. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

save the date;

i had had a great moment with my family then. being here with them is the best time i ever experienced, lots things i can do to fulfill my day and books really helps me to dictate my boredom. i had finished reading all my stories books,now i am looking more than that. i really need some readingstuffs right now, hence i shall go somewhere for its.

days have passed and here i am again, i don't know what it is, so whatever for spam.

and yeah, i am saying good and courages words to be positive thinker-person. i am not going to feel lost anyway, me is myself, people who thinks i'm a loser is totally wrong, right for being terrible one. this one girl who really wanted to see me suffer of broken love now has earned her KARMA, she's now being lost of losing her love, she cried a lot, no more fun for life. yeah, it's so hurt i have to admit, but atleast this will change her attitude and mind in future. and the truth is, me and NJ are always fine and feel good here, we have no idea how wonderful our love is, and the most great value is, we never think of spoiling our relationship. it's not easy for us to reach this level,so why bother others? we are just fine here. thanks for the concern anyway=)

so this date gave a great deal in my life. this is ours precious date. meaningful, memorable and unforgettable. and we had planned to make our big-day on this date, as a big appreciation of our love-stories. nobody maybe remember when and how our love has built, except us. so we save this precious date for our big-day then. thanks for the loyalty, trustworthy, and honesty my dear. you're great!=)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Make it vivid; Extended.

urmmm,i'm finally inhaling freshing air of my sweet-hometown. =)

and the most precious moment i will never forget is, the moment i've finished my final examination for this semester, and went out with a party of friends to somewhere to celebrate our finishing school day. yeah, we have done our bachelor in university, the rest is our practical session. no worries, i always love practical session. so will going back to Malaya on September for practical, and lots of time to be here with my family, friends, and boyfriend.=)

anyway,back to picmonkey photo editor, since my first trial, i've fallen in love with it, so much!so here i am,

so, the day after tomorrow will be our first Ramadhan day, so dear all, i'm saying;
Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan al-Mubarak 1433/2012 semua. semoga diberkati dalam segala urusan dunia dan akhirat.=)

be happy all, may god blessing us. yaaahh=)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

and i feel it again;

two days ago, i,ve been listen to this song all time.Dance again Jennifer lopez ft Pitbull and i feel really weird. something unearthly, the utmost feeling of felicity, and so exhilarated. 

so i caught that feeling again ya. 

and yeah, i take a move whenever i listen to this song. i wanna dance my body, my mind is trying to visualize something that i am not very sure if it's worth and attainable. see who the biggest daydreaming girl right now?it's me okey! and i could always trying to see my forthcoming future, that's the real talent i never want to let it go. so i just proceed it 'till the end. because i know i always fine here. so bravo! i say. good luck of my life anyway. 

i'm leaving somewhere today. so long. may god blessing you.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Make it vivid!

it's been awhile i left my blog behind of my priority; huh,i'm not going to expose my feeling too much, i bet you know the feelings of facing final examination right?.urm,let's just say it, 'like a rushy and irregular'. and i never like exam after all.

but see, what i have been up yesterday. after awhile, i've opened up my blog and found a brief comment left on my CBOX @ Comment space yesterday. so here i began to know one of my reader, RINDAZ, and she asked me if i ever use PICMONKEY PHOTO EDITOR for photo editting before. to be frankly, i never use it, even heard a tiny thing about it, but i make it simple, so i just tried it anyway. 

and to my surprises, i've been fallen in love with those photo editor. and the effect is exactly what i really wanted before, so i tried it on my photos, let check it out!

okey, let turn into polaroid frame;

so how is it dear? if you wonder what i've been explored before, so you can always click HERE and try it on your photos. so a big thankful to my dear reader, RINDAZ for the awesome idea.

so that's all for today. see you next!tadaaaaaaa.....=)

Friday, June 29, 2012

A sincere love-letter;

The truth is,

i just love the way you call me Honey in the presence of your friends, and others. i thought it's so delighted to hear you call me Baby when we're face to face. i was so blithe to hear a special word of Darling@Dear that you used to name me in-front of your friends, and i'm loving it when you never forgot to call me Sayang, after all. i just can't stop myself from smiling happily whenever i heard you call me Sweetheart. 

and you just don't know how much i love it when you were rarely calling my real name, my surname, my famous name, or whatever. i never underestimate you to be dare and shame to call me with those lovely-sweet words in presence of people, i mean, publicly. 

and i really love it, when you told/tell them how serious our relationship are, solemnly. oh, you're precious to me dear. copyrighted.

Dear my pretty-boy,
we're too far by million miles, i have no idea how to make you happy when you're sad, so this is the only thing i can give to you froma distance, so that you'll always feel safe, glad and cheerful there. i'm sorry i can't be with you when you're in that circumstance. i always understand yours, and i can senses you my dear. i know it's hurt when the thing we love the most is in that condition. but dear, i hope you'll always be relax, and calm down there. i count on you dear. and i hope you'll to. just in two weeks, i'll be back there. i hope everything gonna be okey when i come to you soon. i might not there now to accompany you, but my heart and my soul will always together with you. so may god blessing you dear. please be alright there. 

                                                                                                                         sincerely by,
                                                                                                                         Azeanthy Paiman.

so i'll stop here. three papers just passed, and everything seemed brilliant. now, only three papers left before going back to my hometown. so Bravo!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

of celebration;

so lastnight we had celebrated Malam Penghargaan Atlet Sukol 2012 in our college. it was last-minute preparation, but all were satisfied.we were enjoying the moment then. so i'm going to spam you with photos.

so we have grilled lamb lastnight, and it's just soooooo..... mmmmmmmmmmm!!!

and some photos of us,

whoaa.why looked so serious?????????

photos with my friends..

with emma.

with wan nur zaliha.

and i'm going to spam you some photos of me and my bestie, Lydia Micheal. hehe

underneath the tree,=)

this is how i spent my whole day last-night. so no study revision for final examination last-night. all have been spent during this event. huh. but, nevermind, still can catch it up today.

so tomorrow will be our 1st day of examination. we have two papers by tomorrow, and 1 paper by day after tomorrow. see, how deep we were suffered. i'm tired of this, but to think it is our last final examination in bachelor, so it built up a courage to face the fight anyway. so i shouldn't feel burdened anymore, only one step closer to the bravo!

so all my friends, 
please pray for me ya. i'm going to sacrifice my life for my final examination. yeah, that's for sure. so may god blessing us. amin~~

Monday, June 25, 2012

so, what?

okey, i got a message in my mobile phone just in a couple of minutes ago. and the msg is sound like this;

the statement,
'i was better than you in term of fashion, makeup-stuffs, styling. but why people still looked at you rather than me?i don't like people keep comparing us because i can't be like you, and just like you!'

my answer,
'you better ask yourself before you asked me. yeah, i'm lack of fashion, i'm not stylist, i even don't know how to put makeup-stuffs on my face. yeah, i was so lack of everything i have to admit. but one thing you should keep in your mind, i rather live like this than being others. i rather live in 'lacking' than being camouflages of my real imperfection face. so i wish the best for you. thank you for stopping me.'

the truth is, i really don't care at all. yeah, i admit it, i am not that perfect person. i'm not really talented in putting any make up on my face, i'm lacks in fashion, i'm not a stylist. so what??? i don't know who that person but my instinct was too firm to say 'she was HER'.yaa, i know it's you girl, i don't have foes since my existence, so why bother you?i really don't care. NOT-AT-ALL.

and now you said, 'i don't like people keep comparing us because i can't be like you, and just like you!' and i was too puzzled to think that silly thing. so i decided rather than being upset, why i should bother you?i can't answer yours anymore, so many things came up to ruin my mood, but no, i am enough strong to live on my territory then. so why don't you just leave me alone?to tell you the truth, i'm so grateful of having a wonderful soul that surely will protects me anywhere i go. so i'm grateful for being my real self. 

Azeanthy Paiman is always grateful with Him(god). 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

an impulse to jot down;

i've tried to restrain myself from blogging but i just can't. i've finished my research project and i felt much roomy overwhelming me. so to reward myself of being struggled for almost a week has urged me to keep listen to this song-->>bruno mars My love.( please don't feel weird why i love this kind of frivolous song, i have my own reason. different people have different tastes).what make me damn fallen in love with this song was the lyric; 'I'll put you in front of me So everybody can see, My love this is my love,I know that I'll be alright As long as you are my guide, My love this is my love'.

oh god,this song is quite pleasant, and ouw, the lyric was damn sweet!!!i know NJ always have a brilliant ideas to make my day, thank dear.

so, i'm quite disorganized currently, but i'm too strong to be up against the 'conflict of university, which is final examination. 3 weeks left before i leave UiTM for the rest of my bachelor, and maybe will come back here for furthering study in master level. you know what, i love UiTM i have been studied in UiTM for almost 6 years and i don't wish to leave uitm just like that without giving at least a piece of merit here. i think there a lot thing i can help out here. but,huh..lets time determine my future. lots of opportunities waiting for me.

and last from me but not least,
i always love the way my man confesses his love towards me. talk about future could make me freak out, but then u know what, he's always talks the right thing whenever we are in solemn-talk. so finally the thought of 'getting step into marriage is not easy at all, lots of things needs to be re-considered' had suspended us. now i'm getting afraid to think more about a nuptial. but it's a blossomed feeling to think about it u know.hehe.

however, final exam is coming up. so my last fight with final examination is going to begin. so please bear me myself, please don't ruin my days. just for 3 weeks, the rest u can storms me afterwards. so long, goodnite all my friends.have a sweetdream..zaijian.=)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

silent for awhile;

this week is our last week before the final examination. so nothing i could wish rather than praying to score a very good pointer.

as time passes, students often ditch their mood for sitting their upcoming papers. Examination is just like a student's conflict in university. the nearest the day, the more stressful they are. they tend to ditch from any activities that they love the most, and giving almost totally their attention to the exam. that's a common. i feel that way too. but i'm not too depressed like i used to be before. a great and countless confidence overwhelming me. and a big-gratitude to god for giving me such a wonderful confidence in my life, so grateful.. 

credits to Mr google.

so i only have 3 weeks before i come back to my hometown. so within 3 weeks, i shouldn't be easily distracted by any barriers that merged to ruin my day. NOT-AT-ALL. so what i have to do now in order to ensure a good marks towards my exam is study and praying. only god knows what inside of my heart, of my mind. so i know god will always be with me because i always trust HIM.

so i would like to say, i'm going to silent myself from any social networks for awhile. it could be a month, weeks, or for months. i don't know. the only thing i really care now is my upcoming examination and my practical session. so i rest my all attention to my exam now. so goodbye.

p/s dear readers, please pray the best for me during my final examination.thanks, may god blessing you=)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Totally fine,

my weekend is awesome!

i'd totally fine here. i could feel something good is going to happen on me right now. kinda fluttery feeling, that urges me to finish my study brilliantly, to have a job. and steps into a nuptial. i could feel that feeling now, it ain't burden me anyway, it really brings a peaceful feeling towards me. oh, what is it?arrggghhhh. final year, please be finished as soon as possible!

This is not my copyright. this photo belongs to Mr google.

and also, i found out about something just in a couple of hours ago. yeah, something terrible, yeah, i know what you feel, girl. but please be cool, i never think sort of that silly thing. i never wanted to come back to him anymore, so please be cool there, i won't take him away from you. that couldn't be. because i've found my Mr Right in mylife, and i never think to leave my soul-mate alone. furthermore, i'm so grateful to have him in my life. really grateful to FAITH that made us meet years ago. nothing i can say, rather than i love the way he loves me like a crazier in this world. so bravo!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Instructor of Aerobic Dance;

last week we have been done our batch's event project brilliantly. i considered this event as my challenge day as we were given responsibility to teach and coach the novice kids (the beginner) to play 5 selected sports within 5 hours. i was the instructor of aerobic dance for warming up session on that day. so i thought it took a bit hard time to conduct the warming up session for kids. i mean, they were still new in this field, and mostly of them didn't really involved themselves in sport before. so we were ready for any possibilities before we started the coaching session actually,

by the way, 
i really enjoyed myself during the aerobic dance session. i didn't make it by myself alone, i have my backup and i know all of us were enjoying the moment on that day. 

just after the warming up session, i was asked to photograph the moment as i was free-of-tasks during the event. so i have no photo of myself until my friend (backup photographer) took my photos on that day. you know what, when you're given task to be a photographer, it mean that you'll have less photo(or could be no) during the moment, so only god knows how happy i am when my friend took my photos as i thought that a necessary to wrap up all the moment into a video, or at least pictures anyway. 

so here i am;=)

me and syusyu

just before the aerobic dance moment

and this is my favorite friend in my world, kak Syida. she was in same class with me, but she was 2 years older than me. but still, i thought we have no limitation in sharing stories or things. i just love the way she think. she's really matured okay.=)

me and kak Syida

so after we finished the coaching session, we were gathered up in the hall. and we were delighted when our lecturer broke the new that we were done the job given by him brilliantly, and successfully. so 20 marks will be secured for all of us!whoaaaaa, nothing we can do other than cheered up ourself. so meaning that, our pointer at a safe zone actually. huhuu. so lucky!

anyway, i only have 2 weeks to get prepare for my final examination. our examination schedule seemed irritated and so scary, how can we sit for exam by taking 3 papers in 2 day??oooo,no, i'm going to torture my little-brain!there is no enough gap for us to revise our study, nobody really knows what going happen on that day, so i thought preparation is the best solution.

anyway.i am not going to give up. i know i always can depends on myself and standing on my feet confidently. so bravo! i say.=)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Deep in love;

i've enjoyed reading online articles on lastnight. i did reading mostly Conflict-in-love articles and i realized every couples have their own reasons, that make them stick with their relationship. and i was too impressed, to reveal something that we called as a secret in our life, but you know what, listen to Bruno Mars' songs really made me sick about love. in addition, one of my friend keep asking me 5 things that made me fallen in love with my man. whooaaaaa. we know it's a confidential, but how can i resist my betsfriend's request .

so yeah, what actually 5 things that make me fallen in love with NJ?ok.let see...

# he is the only one who ever made me fallen in love, after i got heartbroken. i've found many guys in my life, most of them have been tried to win my heart, but none of them could make me fallen in love, just like NJ did. 

# he loves me even though i'm a freak of feelings. i mean, people can't come to my life easily, but they can go off from me delightful. you know what i mean, right? he's too patience and practically loving me much! xoxo-

# he's himself, that's the most attractive quality anyone can ever have. he meets the criteria that i was looking for all this time. simply to say, he is my soul mate!

# the important thing is, i love how he support me and make me remember who i am, that's make me like the most special girl in this world.

# i love the way he loves me. that he still love me even though he had seen me looking terrible. he loves me unconditionally. and love me the way i am.

# and the last but not least, there are so many things that make me fallen in love with NJ. he's the only one who can make me fallen in love after all, he has so many values that i'm looking for in life, and frankly, he is the only one i can regard as a Special Boyfriend in  my world. i just can't explain one by one here, so many things i say.=)

so what else i'm looking for a love, i've found it anyway. so i don;t need more than NJ in my life. not anyone else. 

we're too young to know what love is, but i'll make sure u'll not regrets for loving me that way.=)

so dear readers,
what things that make you falling in love with your man???come on, let share a bit.=)