Sunday, January 1, 2012

Countless happiness.

nothing much but it's meant a lot to me;

been celebrated this upcoming new year at NJ's house last-night. i spent my entire hours with NJ's family, have bbq together, and helped their family to prepare meals for our dinner.

it's a blast, and i was nervous from the beginning of my arrival until i came back to my home from there. but it's an unforgettable memories i should remembers by. met his entire family and his family are friendly and kindly, i was greeted with open-arms. thanks for my sister-in-law for accompanying me throughout my existence there. she made me feels impatience to be a part of NJ's family. 

ok,today is our first day of 2012, new year is new resolution for me. so i made resolution and going to achieve half of my self-fulfillment this year. InsyaAllah.



Anonymous said...

Happy new year yan!! have a blessed new year and take care! :)

DoRa Priscilla said...

Its great to get to met up with the family right :) glad that it when well

p/s: I've move to a new site ^^ do come and visit ya

Misya Mialen said...

slmt thn baru dik, moga bahagia n sukses sllu;D

Aemy Shamy said...

happy new year to you, NJ & your family!! ^^
you know what's my resolution this year? i wanna meet you!!! hehe. have a great year!!

Akue Achik said...

hepi new year sis...!!! :D

echaRierie said...

Happy New Year eyanzz..
wow ! celebrate dgn NJ..suka sy mendengarnya..hehe.. :)