Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Those three questions.

'Before you start some works; always ask yourself three questions:
why am i doing it; what the results might be and will i be successful. Only when you think deeply and find satisfactory answers to these questions; go ahead.' - by Chanakya.

Every-time whenever i begin to start something, i never miss telling my self of these three questions, i never forget reminds myself to think first about the outcome or result that might come be. fortunately, god always know what i wanted whenever i do something. He never disappointed me, i know god is always beside me, that's bless always with me, wherever i go.

from the beginning of my route, i know something news are going to happen on me, so i decide to find it by myself. for that, i never stop searching for the light in  my life. not all, but almost, i make it perfectly, i find it through wholehearted, by myself.

Thank you god for rising me up, even though i am not a perfect person for others. but at least i am still myself, who always give the best for all people surrounding me. thanks for the bless, thanks for rising me up for living, and thanks for gifting me such a wonderful life ever since.

i always love myself. and never be change. 

Monday, November 28, 2011

To compose it.

peace be upon you,

hii readers, thanks for the compliments given to me on my previous entry. Being a winner of UiTM IDOLS 2011 is not easy at all, but for that, i am bless and grateful for god for the gifted i had. Thank you so much to for those supporting me in this field. some parties had invited me to join their club and band music, and no more words i could say rather than, thanks god for the bless he gave me.

'i compose songs, i create lyrics, i play music. i can express my feelings towards it, as it give a powerful effects in my life...'- by Noor Azeanthy Paiman.

and also, i am going to compose a new song, again. but to be honest, i found hard to compose songs as i have not enough equipments for composing music. i have only a guitar along with me, and that all i could bears for so far. but soon, i will put it together with other equipments, insyaAllah.=) 

# i am going back to my home-town on this December holidays break, =) i missed my family, pets, boyfriend   and all my friends. the conclusion is, I AM GOING BACK!!!yezza!

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Peace be upon you,

That night on last Friday gave a wonderful and great moment in my life when i'd won the star of UiTM IDOLS 2011, here in our university. This competition was established since years ago and some artists which studied/-ing in UiTM, basically started their career from this competition. i'm the last finalist of 21 finalists during that night, with my favorite song, TUA MENGEJAR KITA BY FAUZIAH LATIF. it was last minute preparation but then i was lucky when finally the MC gave announcement that i'm the winner of this big-contest, i was stunned there but then, yes, i'm the winner, Juara Uitm Idols 2011 on that night. OMG, very thankful for those supporting me! 

and here, some photos of me on that night,

the finalists of UiTM IDOLS 2011,

i was lucky on that night, yes, i got the gold of UiTM IDOLS 2011,

Juara and Naib Juara UiTM IDOLS 2011, 

and yes, a live performance from Ana Raffali, she also one of the judges of this contest,
  and some posed from us,

me and Ana Raffali,
  and the Malaysian artist, Puan Rozita Izlyn, also one of the judges of this contest,

UiTM IDOLS 2011, 25 NOVEMBER 2011,

And thank you so much for this beautiful trophy, i am blessed of it,



Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Picturesque Portraiture: By Lydia.Micheal

Happy Wednesday, dear friends@readers!!!

Dears all, 
my bestie, Lydia Micheal was came up with her idea for make up session with her new make up set. She is talented in doing this awesome jobs, as some of my friends were/are coming to her just to look beautiful with her make up touched. Same with me, she has a dream to own a business in make up field. So that's day she chose me to be her first model for her make up testimonial session. so here we are,

Photos are taken by my bestie, Lydia Micheal during our testimonial session. 

So if you want her to be your professional make up artisan, she is always available for you if you wish to. You can ask me for any inquiries, a very pleasant. Thank you.=)

For better quality, you can check in my photoblog too, see you there!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Me happy.

Peace be upon you,

Hii guys, i was in Sabah right now and just came back from Malaya just a few days ago. and was happy to be near with my family members.

Last saturday, NJ fetched me up at airport, we went to Kenny Roaster and took my lunch there. Then back to Ranau with NJ and his third brother. Tell me how nervous am i to hang around NJ and his brother, i felt like blast! but being a part of his family was happiness. It seemed cool.=)

Don't know what to say, but today NJ has came back to KK for his job.now i feel lonely, but nevermind, Ranau and KK are not too far compared to KK and Malaya, i maybe could travel to him anytime i want to, so i'll be cool here=). And also, we're inseparable, i refers to our heart.=)

 'The truth is, if we have no faith to be lasting forever, i wish i could have someone, just like him'- By Azeanthy Paiman.

May god blessing us.~~~