Friday, October 14, 2011

A memorable moments of my adventures.

Peace be upon you,

Dear friends@readers, my blogger got infected of malware that prevents people to view my blog for a longer times. It is possible that we can't open and view my blog even a few minutes. i was confused and blurred i don't know what should i do. so dear friends, if you have any tips or suggestion to stop this undesirable malware infection, i hope you can share your tips with me too.i'll appreciate for every words of you.=)

and here, some of my photos taken by my friend during our 'Jalan-jalan Makan Angin' in Malacca town. now i missed Malacca again. 

i hope i could get myself to be here for the forth times in the future with someone special in my life. Remember how difficult for me to get myself here, so i promise to keep all the memories not only in my album, but also in my mind.

  P/S i'm looking for Airasia ticket now. i thought i want to spend my holidays in Sabah during our 10days midterm holidays on this November. InsyaAllah.