Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blurred Vision.

Peace be upon you,

Nothing much, its only about a blurred vision. *This is not a great Bokeh, but only an aperture manipulation. 

i've a blurred situation right now. I think i'm gonna burst thinking a lot about my time-table. But what could i do instead of accepting and make it pleasure??i could only agreed and looked how much they will depend on me.

Remember every words my mum used to throw out on me since our last meet, she know how much pain her daughter had before, and she never like people who always trying to take advantages on me. yups,i never like people who like to depend on me for their whole time here. I'm gonna burst one day if they use to be like this anymore!But what i should do now is keeping smile and looks it as positively perspective. I'll see how much they will survive by just depending on me. So no need to worry, i'm gonna smile and smile here. =)

so here is a real of me,

No matters what, i'm still mine and i have a right to determine what i should and shouldn't do. For this moment, i maybe gonna be an assertive person, with my own reasons. Thank you.=)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Who belongs to me?

Peace be upon you, hii readers,

As today is weekend so i spent a little time to blog here. Nothing important to share, instead of talking about my lover. I found that there are only fews photos of him in my blog, less of his photos herein. So today, sincerely, i'm gonna revealed (for those still don't know who is NJ..) who exactly my NJ. so here we are,

These photos are taken on the last day we had met, i mean a day before my flight to Malaya. We're too sad to be far away but for our future, we gonna face it courageously. And this is the last photos i had taken with him before i leave sabah.

Now we were far away. But FYI, LDR means nothing to me, i'm fine to have this kind of relationship, and enough tough to encounter all challenges. Nobody people like to be in this condition, but i managed to make it easy by make it simple. The important matter is, TRUST. yups, we did this! Thanks for NJ for being a loyal-lover to me. Not only a loyal, but he gave me everything i needed for. Thank you so much dear. I'll be back to you soon. wait for me!!!

Friday, September 16, 2011


Peace be upon you, Hii readers,

Long time i didn't write here. My mode is HECTIC currently, therefore i can't get myself here as always i do, but readers, remember about the Anbia Fashion i had presented before? yups, today i'm going to upload some of my photos during our Aidilfitri celebration in our university. There is nothing more brilliant rather than having an experience to be a model of Arabian fashion. Most of us were displayed some kind of Arabian fashion throughout the day, and i was one of them. 

so here i present you some photos of mine,

First of all, okey, i love this kind of stuff, SHISHA!oh, i mean i love how people design it to be more attractive and it was creative thing i found there. so i snapped it directly,

okey, now i'm going to share my new fashion, which is called Hajaba fashion of Arabian, i don't know if my design is quiet match with me, but i did it,

And also my photo with my friends,

And because of our theme during that day is Aidilfitri celebration of Anbia theme, there a lot of Arabian's people came to look around us, and i was excited to be photographed with one of them,

Because of Arabian theme, so we decided to serve and represent some of Arabian foodstuffs, which is made of Arabian,

And yups, i'm here to promote these kind of foodstuffs,

I have a lot of photos of this set, but i managed to upload them in my FB account due to insufficient time and spacious. But the great feelings was inside of my heart, and wearing this kind of fashion made me felt happy indeed! i satisfied with this!

  p/s To be honest, i missed NJ so much!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Anbia Earth.

Peace be upon u, Hii readers,

I'm now busy with our big-event in my university. Remember the first day i came here, i was tedious managing our colleague's. But its not just stop there, its overwhelmed me till now, and i knew, i should accept it with open-arms. 

And oh, here i share some of my photos with u all. Don't be surprise to see this kind of fashion, i knew its was famous for muslim people. Tomorrow will be our event, and i was surprise too to wear this kind of fashion throughout the day by tomorrow. Yups, me and some of my friends are going to display this kind of fashion tomorrow in-front of other by tomorrow. We're going to be a model of an Anbia Earth fashion. Look at us,

This is myself, i dont know what with this fashion, but i'm decided to wear this tomorrow.
this is my twin friend, yups of my friends said that we looked alike, hehe..
Both of us are going to display this kind of fashion by tomorrow,
this is med, our senior.She is a lovely person and she had chose this set of fashion ,
Med and Fika, both of our senior,
lastly,this is Fika, she was half-naughty and i always hilarious talking with her,

 huh, Tomorrow will be our day, being a model of this kind of fashion is not easy, we should take caution for any things. So i wish and pray for Allah, so that our program will be fine tomorrow. Amin~~~

Friday, September 9, 2011

Wedding of Wamie + Raihan

Peace be upon you,

Such a wonderful day, i'm presenting u all with my wedding set album, a continuation of my previous post, coming soon. With heartfelt, i contrived my self to fulfill my promise to share this set album in my upcoming post, so here i am.

I am glad and grateful for Allah for the peaceful my friend had been now,

and i prays for Allah to bless them with blissful and happiness forever,

Miss you and love you Wamie.=)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Blazes of Eternity.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir dan Batin buat insan tersayang,

We had been working like blazes to get the eternity of love,

and finally,

We had our love inside of our heart,

Thanks for making my life perfectly.

we're honey bie forever!!!