Sunday, July 31, 2011

Candid and vividly.

Peace be upon you, Hii readers,

I'm apologize for the hiatus i had been in blogging. I was currently too busier with something else. i even don't have enough time to rest myself since i am handling a huge task, most of the time. 

Anyway, i am delighted and grated to say Happy Fasting to all Muslimah and Muslimin, this awaiting session will be start by tomorrow,insyaAllah and we should greet the Ramadhan with open-arms, sincerely. Be strong for the challenges in Ramadhan and make sure we accept it as an opportunity for charity and god deeds. May god blessing us.

so today i represent you some photos, a candid and vivid imagination created by me a few days ago. Just a simple images but i'm satisfied. This is Sarah, she is my classmate and as i had promised her before, i will publish her photos. And today i did it.

Happy fasting day to all muslim people, May god blessing us.=)

  p/s i am greeting this Ramadhan and waiting for Hari Raya Aidilfitri to celebrate with NJ, InsyaAllah~~~

Friday, July 22, 2011

Favourite stuff #2

Peace be upon you, Hii readers,

Have you find out what things the most important in your life? Of course you do, right. I always have a lot things to do, and the most crucial thing that mostly helped me in accomplishment was my pencil case. I has a pencil case which contents of assortment of writing necessity. i kept that kind of fundamental inside of it. Its really performed a good deeds on me. 

I kept this stuff since many many years ago and i looked after it with good care since my first owned it. This is one of my favorite stuff either. I'm glad to have it.=)

  P/S Finally i decided to text her after all happened. Nobody know whose the mastermind of this   misunderstood, but i finally put it positively ever since. I hope that nobody would do something 'immature thing' that involve me and this girl again. I bet if there are people outside there who still dare to make deal with me. The only thing that i can say now is, 'Please don't mess up with me, or i'll give a piece of you!'. Cheers~~~

Somewhere in Sub-urbs

Peace be upon you, Hii readers,

I don't feel like i am going to lay down myself onto bed now. I just can't help myself from staying up. Seeing the wonderful moonlight on the dark skies brought me to daydream of doing great things in my future. I daydreamed of having great life with my own career. Who know what will happen in the future, but i'll find the great way for leading through myself into meaningful life. i promises myself.

And as i love of being a natural lover, so i always loved to record any part of natural beauty. These pictures are taken at somewhere in sub-urbs placed.

i wonders how people who living in sub-urbs can survive theirselves without internet, electric and phone line. i found out so many new things i didn't know in sub-urbs. The people in sub-urbs were strong and healthy, i don't know what brought me into this theory, this may be due to their natural foodstuff or freshing air. who know? but to be honest, i wish that i can stay living in my village on one day. InsyaAllah.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Up for tasks.

Peace be upon you, Hii readers,

The truth is..i was lost in thought today. i have a lot of papers to recheck, the Examination of Excel 2 were finished last week, and now i was busy badly to mark my students' answers. Therefore, my time was limited, i shall up with my tasks first. Today was wordless Wednesday, so i am really wordless today. so i should out now.

  p/s Dear readers, i will review your blog afterward. Task is waiting for me now. May god blessing us~~~

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hey Pinky!

 Peace be upon you. Hii readers,

To be honest, i don't really love pink color, even though i have a lot of blouses or customs in pink color. But sometimes i wore it, because i did loving soft colors.  And yups, i did to be shoot while i was in pink mood.=)

my brother did shoot my photos and he was talented right? and the last but not least, thanks friends for being my loyal readers since my first participate in blogging. May god blessing you all..=)

Missed them.

Peace be upon you. Hii readers,

waaaa....its was long time i had not been here..this is the longest hiatus for my blogging activity and for sure, i missed all of these. and since i was writing here, i was eager to publish some of my photos with my pupils during my lesson at SK Naradan Ranau.

These are my pupils from Year 6..

A sincerely smile from Year 4..

  And a very cute pupils from Year 1,

To be honest, i never wished to be a teacher, i ever had deducted an offer from being a student of Institut Pendidikan Guru last 5 years ago. i knew that my family were disappointed on me for this, but now since i was happy and shone in my Degree, they were encourage me to keep on study in my favorite field. But don't get me wrong ya, 'cause since i was here, i have a bit of keening in teaching pupils. And i am dreaming to be a lecturer soon. InsyaAllah..=)

i missed all my pupils already. They were kindly as obedient on me. Some of them were mischievous, but i am glad that they still took attention when i came to them. Thanks for them who always devoted of my teaching session. And since my contract is going to be ended soon, i wish that my pupils will always blessed and lucky on their study. 

 p/s i had a great and romance time with NJ yesterday. Thanks darling for the journey and confession. May god blessing us. Miss you too Bie.=)

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Peace be upon you.

Dear readers, i was sickness currently. since i got through this illnesses, i managed to bedridden most of the time for getting over. i was hardly to surf internet, hence made a hiatus of my blogging activity. And i used to read a lots of books, mostly of them were folklore stories. Yups, i loved to read them. And i never forget to shoot anything that i loved to. 

Reading of them had brought a bit well-being of my sickness. But still i need for more rest. i am sorry for my incapability of viewing and reading your blog currently. i just can't bear my sickness that always made me fatigue at all. but soon i would catch reading your blog...wait for my return ya.thank friends.=)

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Peace be upon you. Hii readers,

I have a miserable condition in which my head was spinning around, i feel like to vomit, nausea, fatigue and short of breathing. its just happened since a few days ago and i don't think that i could stand longer since i feel i am going to collapse and fall on the ground. i need a double triple rest maybe.

But because i found out that my kitten's photos was so cute, so i manages to publish it, so this is my lovely kitten called Cheetah, i gave it such a wild name because its color, looked like Cheetah brand..hehe...

i loved this Cheetah so very much that i always brought her onto my bed. 

 p/s i need some rest now, and i am going to check other followers' blog afterward. already missed them. so,have a nice day today dear.=)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Hubby, Please Notice!!!

Peace be upon you. Hii readers,

Something dread and awful happened in my life on this week. Its just unexpected, that i have never thought that 'someone' was peeping and 'chasing' into me. but it really happen. huh. sighing. but its okey, i am gonna be okey.

huh,forget about that, what i wanted to highlight is, i had created a song, again and again!=) and today i would like to share the lyric as a beginning..i gave 'Hubby,Please Notice!' as it's,look at below,

Hubby, Please Notice!!!

Bila aku merindukan dirimu,
aku mula menyebut namamu oh sayang,
Lalu ku capai telefon bimbit ku,
ku ingin mendengar suaramu..

Lalu mau menjawab Hello sayang,
dengan rasa bahagia,
lalu ku katakan padamu,

Oh sayang, aku merindukan dirimu,
ku ingin kau hadir di sisiku,
walau kita berjauhan,
Hubby, Please notice!
that i will always loving you..

and of course this song i dedicated to my beloved one, NJ....i happened sang this song at stage, and so far, the audiences gave me positive feedback. Glad to Allah. i am keening of music. =)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Favorite stuff.

Peace be upon you, Hii readers,

Today i came back early to my home since i have lots of works to do here. i feels uneasiness to leave my pupils and lets them free without any classes for 2days started by today, but at the same time, i was happy to back and seeing my beloved people here.

And today our school was held a program of Larian 1Malaysia and just like usual, i took photos. But today i am not going to story or share any photos of them, i was busy with my own tasks, but the thing that i wanted to highlight here is, i am glad for having a DSL Nikon brand. Yups, my soul was compatible with NIkon and i used to bring it anywhere i went for. A triple feeling of satisfaction!!!=)

i am going to do some chores right now. see you all soon ya..=)

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Peace be upon you, Hello peeps, Hii readers,

First of all, I wanna say Happy Sunday Day to all of you! Have a great day today with your beloved today yaa.. and of course i am gonna do and enjoy the same with you too. 
And dear readers, remembered about my previous post when Ministry of Health came to my school for a big health program? i bet you remember it. =)
the program was happening that many known people came down and dropped to visit here, and some of them used to be here by helicopter, since i was there waiting for their coming, so i managed to shoot a bit photos of the helicopter on that day. And here they are,

These are only a few photos of my collections of helicopter. i'm still not uploading the rest because the internet problem. so hope you will enjoy this...

and readers, looking these photos make me feels like going fly away!!!Have a nice day today friends..cheerssss~~~~

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pre wedding #2

Peace be upon you. Hii readers,

Today i come back with my latest job wedding collections that i took a few of weeks ago. Let see it together friends,

i did liking this bride and groom since they were warmly to work with me. They also can gave a very vintage posed, they were familiar. and quite sporting. i loved to work with them. And i have some photos with them on variously venues. i would like to share it with you all soon. May god blessing us.~~

  p/s More photos will be uploading in my, feel free to drop there yaa...cheers~~