Friday, June 10, 2011

Prays for him.

Peace be upon you.
Good morning to all readers, have a nice day today.
what i want to say on this early morning is just about my future life.
Remember about someone special that i've told you before. he is the one that i had mentioned in my previous posts, Confession of my heart.=)

and today i woke up early, just because to 'accompany' him for his preparation of job interview. even though we were far away, but woken in the early morning made me feels that i was there with him. 
his interview will be start on this 10am at Kota Kinabalu sabah. to attend it, he should takes 2 hours journey and now he's driving, en route to there. i am praying for his safety.

and my heart just can't stop from beating too fast. i am never stop praying for his bless and lucky. because he is my future life, then of course job gonna be an important aspect in our life. you know what, he always told me that he wanted to keep money for our future. you know what i means right?its all about marriage.=) =) =)

then because today is his day, so i am praying for the best of him. Ya Allah, please give him a bless so that he can achieve his dream. please give him a bless to make it easier. Amin~~~~


NinaAz said...

GOD bless him... AMin~

Aki said...

Jan ko susah kak Yan.. dia bulih tu.. ^_^.v..

Azeanthy Paiman said...

ninaaz:thanks sis..may GBU..amin~~~

aki:eya,dia pasti bulih tu.yakin saja ni...hehe..

LUNA LANUN said...

singgah follow dr blog Bangku Kosong

echaRierie said...

yeah..smoga dia dpt buat yg the best ya..
InsyaAllah ~ amin3..

Azeanthy Paiman said...

luna:thanks yaa..

echa:insyaAllah.....thanks ya dear..=)