Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Heart's warmness.

Peace be upon you. hii peeps, hii readers,

i'm getting over of my sickness today.  i feels a little bit energizer and good today. and i woke up earlier morning today just because want to check my pointer for this semester. so i opened up the addresses of Uitm with careful, and my heart just can't stop from beating fast. Remembered what happened to me during our last exam, its just scaring me. i got a very critical headaches throughout my exam. i even can't stand or sit down, i was bedridden for the whole day and can't focus my study either. 

and now the slip of result was came out, and i got a flying colors of result! a little bit dropped but still at higher level. i am so glad and grateful for Allah for his blessing. i don't want to blame any parties, i supposed to glad because i was their Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam's student, and i got funds from their sponsorship. But because i'm a JPA's student, they always wanted to see me with them on stage, i mean for debates, Forum and Pidato. i was represent their side and i felt a little bit unsatisfied since i need to focus on my activities, not in academic.

But i'm glad for my latest result, my CGPA wasn't drop, but don't get me wrong ya. the fact is i feels not comfortable with my current CGPA, because i have another scoring of levels. so i need to work a little bit struggles afterward.  and now my heart is warmness, just like these pictures,

p/s i am so impatience to graduate and starts a new life as a worker. i want to build up a new session of my      life.
     i am hoping for blessing and glory. amin~~


echaRierie said...

congrats yan..
tiapa yan, tue cubaan time belajar..
sa pun mcm tue jgk dulu..
hehe..u still the best student tho..:D

Azeanthy Paiman said...

echa:thanks my dear..mmg btul2 dugaan tu...nextsem mau berabis study lg ni...thanks aa echa..hee..

DiDa said...

CONGRATS sis!!!!all d best to u!!

Azeanthy Paiman said...

thank you so much sis dida...i wishing for your lucky too..=)

Liyana said...

Don't worry. Allah always beside you. What course are you taking? Shah Alam?

ChentaEty said... student kew..tahniah...mesti pointer 3.5 above kan...chayo...hehe...keep it up...:)always pray the best for you..hehe

beaty said...

congrats to ur cgpa. ahh teringat pela sa time dulu check through sms ja ni..thn dpat dean list..wah moments yang paling indah

Azeanthy Paiman said...

Liyana:thanks yaa...Allah always blessing people with good intention right?

i am taking sport science(medicine)=)

Azeanthy Paiman said...

chentaety:thanks ety...u too,chayok2 aa..hehe....

sis beaty:thanks yaaa...=)

Rie Evelyn said...

U sure awesome to be one of JPA student. OMG! Hehe.
Can't wait to see you on graduate Eyan. :)

Azeanthy Paiman said...

Rie:its came from God's blessed.

i still takes time to graduate, hope to finish it with brilliant.thanks rie...=)

Fane Davis said...

whoa weee....Gongratz dear!!kalau ad usaha memang ada hasil punyer.hehhe..mesti dalam dean's list neh kan.
keep it up.biar sampai dapat 4.00

Azeanthy Paiman said...

fane:thank you so much sis!!!

sdg berusaha mau capai cgpa bgtu la ni..hopefuly it will be.=)

thanks aa..