Sunday, June 5, 2011

Do it over the time.

i was having a great time with my family since i am around here.
fooling around with them made me happiness and grateful at all. i don't want to miss any moment with them,
therefore i just called my job wedding off today. its supposed to be today, but realize that i was rarely to have fun with them, so i was cancelled my service and allowed another photographer into my job. i always wanted to be a part of my family in any moments. i wish them for peaceful and blissful.

i was tired for my jobs. but don't get me wrong, i am just tired because i don't have enough time to rest my mind, not in my jobs. i am not the one who always objected to do something, sometimes its takes my fun time off of me, but quickly i always get over it. i am watching for the excellence, not the failure. so i will keep it up and never give up.

May god blessing us~~~


DiDa Licious said...

u were having an amazing pic, buli panggil for any occasions of mine la ni kn?

Azeanthy Paiman said...

of course sis...
i am free for any occasions..

thanks sis..=)