Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bring up the past into my present.

Peace be upon you.
Hello readers,
i was surprised today, its been 2 years i'd never signed in into my friendster account. that's because i've forgotten my password!since i've a facebook, i didn't open or visit my friendster account, even once. i'm sure, all of you knows about friendster right?its was a popular social network a couple of years ago, but now it became dulls and boring, since facebook was existed. its a fact!

coincidentally, i found out about my friendster account's password today. i don't know what the hell that brought me to check and visit into. and once i opened it, i feel hurt, sad and mad, all of these negative feelings overwhelmed me. why? because this account was belong to me and my old-person@ex-boyfriend. we starts this account 5 years ago and when we broke up a couple of years ago, i've left this account alone with him and i've never open it 'till now.

so today i reached and checked it for the 1st time since my last visit on 2008. there are so many photos and messages inside of the account. yups, its all ours. and there are so many words that made me scratched and freaked out. i don't want to talk about my memories, for sure,i feel hurt because Friendster was bring up my past into my present. it was my past memories, so no need to keep or save these photos or messages, even a word about us into. so with no doubt, i deleted almost of them and i won't check it anymore.

so what i've learns today is, no matters high love between yours, don't ever keep or save your memories into a social networks, because when you get break with them, you might feel the same ways i feel now. its hurt you know. but i am glad and grateful, because i have a wonderful boyfriend in my present. I won't do the same mistake that i had been done before. never. because i love my boyfriend so much. cheers~~~~=)


Aki said...

Hehehe.. ^_^.v..

Never Save ah.. And U r doin it now.. Actually,there are no hurting things in this world,kalau kita fikir ke Arah positif..

Tuhan Ciptakan Dunia ini pada mulanya pun untuk Manusia Happy kan?? Bila kita terlalu negatif,itu yang jadikan kita sedih..

Nasihat c Aki : Cuba anggap tu macam 1 hadiah,oleh sebab Kak Yan break dengan dia la,Kak Yan dapat yang lebih baik dan lebih sesuai utk Kak Yan.. ^_^.v..

Trust me,It'll never be too hurtful.. Ntah apa c Aki cakap ni.. ^_^.v..

Anonymous said...

what u ve now is more precious
so glad X)

echaRierie said...

yeah..biarkan yg lepas itu berlalu..cewahhh..hehe~
*reminder utk sy jgk..haha*

btw, sweet bha baca blog org yg dilamun cinta ni..hehe :D

Aemy Shamy said...

Wow, it's amazing how you can remember your password. Because I've already forgotten my Friendster's password. Hehe.
Yeah, erase the bad memories, forget the past, be grateful for what you have in present, and be prepared for future. ^^

Azeanthy Paiman said...

Aki:thanks for the support...yups, there are reasons for anything happen in this world..and now i was happy to be with him,thanks aa aki...hehe...

Azeanthy Paiman said...

dihadila:salam,thanks yaa.. i am glad with what i have in present..tq..

echa:haha..reminders ni yunk..harus d praktikkn..
so sweet kn if sdg d lamun cinta..bah,ko bila lg echa...hehe..

Azeanthy Paiman said...

aemy:thank you so much!i am grated and glad with what i have now, i always be prepared for future..becuse i am sure that he will never hurt me, i loves him because he loves me so much!

thanks yaaa..=)

Huszaini said...

alamak!! kena komen omputih ker.. err.... cheers!!!