Saturday, June 25, 2011

Garas Highway

Peace be upon you, Hii readers,

Today i woke up early morning to prepare breakfast for our family. Just like i told yesterday, today me and my family are going to manage our farm, so i managed to prepare breakfast before we move. But because today my dad having a ceremony of Hari Guru 2011 at Pekan Ranau, so i use to online waiting for my dad arrival. 

and guys, do you still remember the photos that i took during my travel to our school lastweek? Look at this picture below,

Remember right?? today i would like to share some photos about this place, Garas Highway,

so all of these photos are taken at Garas Ranau. its seemed like in a Zaman Batu right?huhu...but i like to be here, i felt like a miracle, i was superior and powerful!cewaaahhh.....

so have a nice day today guys...=)

   p/s more photos can be see clearly in my photoblog, feel free to drop by there ya..=)

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Peace be upon you. Hello readers,

Today i feels classic. i adore the classic style and its just awesome.
Remembered the past history of our life sometimes gives us some lessons. and my mind is just classic right now. i was tedious because of my sickness, but now i'm getting well and better. Hence i reviewed my album, i saw this photo, so today i was in classic mood.=)

May god blessing all of you cool there.

  p/s i am so impatience to see my doctor (NJ), he's going to get me now.=) Hurry up!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Peace be upon you. Hello readers,

i'm going to talk about heart. yups, what are you think about love? have someone ever say 'i heart u' in-front of you?i bet you ever heard those three words from someone before..=) its happened to me. but now i heard someone told me such a thing, not from my boyfriend, and i was shocked for his confession.

i thought he knows about me and NJ, but he never stop to tease on me. i've already made a confession in my blog, and he always knows how our r/tionship are, but still, he never stop his intention on me. i can't do anything since i have told him so many time about my feelings towards him. 

i knew he always reviews my blog, i knew he is my silent reader, and sometimes can be a stalker.
no matters what he does/done, i can't lie myself from saying that i'll never ever leave my BF. i can't pretend to love other people. i've already having a BF, yups. my BF is Noorlizam Jamlee. i'm the luckiest one, since NJ can accept me as i am, he loves me without conditions, no forced with pure-love. i might say that he's the only one that i adore. i love him as he loves me so i won't looks back again. and never.


Heart's warmness.

Peace be upon you. hii peeps, hii readers,

i'm getting over of my sickness today.  i feels a little bit energizer and good today. and i woke up earlier morning today just because want to check my pointer for this semester. so i opened up the addresses of Uitm with careful, and my heart just can't stop from beating fast. Remembered what happened to me during our last exam, its just scaring me. i got a very critical headaches throughout my exam. i even can't stand or sit down, i was bedridden for the whole day and can't focus my study either. 

and now the slip of result was came out, and i got a flying colors of result! a little bit dropped but still at higher level. i am so glad and grateful for Allah for his blessing. i don't want to blame any parties, i supposed to glad because i was their Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam's student, and i got funds from their sponsorship. But because i'm a JPA's student, they always wanted to see me with them on stage, i mean for debates, Forum and Pidato. i was represent their side and i felt a little bit unsatisfied since i need to focus on my activities, not in academic.

But i'm glad for my latest result, my CGPA wasn't drop, but don't get me wrong ya. the fact is i feels not comfortable with my current CGPA, because i have another scoring of levels. so i need to work a little bit struggles afterward.  and now my heart is warmness, just like these pictures,

p/s i am so impatience to graduate and starts a new life as a worker. i want to build up a new session of my      life.
     i am hoping for blessing and glory. amin~~

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Peace be upon you. Hii readers,
Today was my second day for being sickness. Last night, i had a very high temperature of body, i took medicine, and slept early i was. i felt so fatigue today.having nausea and vomit. my body turn to be weak  every-time i took/takes my antibiotic. but omits from taking it will only accelerate my illness. huh, compliance a medical prescription is the best move right now.  

and dear friends, i've taken some photos of my pet today. We were called this cat as Kuda. weird right?hee...
but all my family members loves Kuda. with orange furs and white stocking, its so tame and beautiful. i loves this kind of animal.=) 

Because kuda was actively and like to jump just like a horse, so we managed to call it as Kuda. so this is my Kuda.hehe...

  p/s all photos about Kuda can be see at my Photopages...feel free to be there. cheers~~~

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A moment with my mum

Peace be upon you. Hii readers!!!

i did taking photos of my mother lately. she always wanted to be shoot by her daughter, therefore on that day, she asked me for taking her photos. and i did it,

and she was happy when i snapped her even though she always said,'i was familiar with camera but i am not good in modelling'.=).but its okey. i liked the candid one.=)

  p/s i missed my mum already.=(

Credits to Aki From OurPhonetography.

Peace be upon you. Hii readers, have a nice day today!!!

Today i changed my blog header to look more alive and some credits given to Aki for his creativities creating some headers. This is Aki's header blog,

 its simple, but most creative. he's one of my followers and i always viewed his blog because i do love to read his blog.=) and just a couple of days ago, i saw a very creative header created by AKI in his entry, and i did asking him for mine.

And he was pleased to create one for me, and asked me for the design i desired. i told him to create a simple and creative one for me, and see, he's even can design it within a few hours and its looked awesomed!i do love this!!!

Dear my readers, if you desire to have one like this, just contact or keep in touch with AKI without hesitate. Trust me, he was very cool and kind person..=)

 p/s to AKI, thanks yaa. i do love to work with you. Thank you so much.=)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Do you feel that i am important to you?

Peace be upon you, Hello readers,

what i want to say is just about my thought for this moment, yups, i've been caught with many things inside of my mind, and i really can't keep it alone.

and dear friends, i don't know if this might hurt you all but i found out today that my blog was stalked by someone. yups, i am really sure for that. i've checked my feedjit Live traffic feed and there are so many words that made me freaked out. She/he had viewed my blog on the same entry since last year. i don't accuse people randomly but i just want to make sure that i'm never feels threatened of this. i was really fed up for all of this.

i am glad if people wanna keep reading my blog. i even knew i have few silent readers outside there. i knew it much. but for the stalker, i have no idea. but you can keep on reading if you like to. i like it when you feel that i'm 'important' to you!

okey, lets turn into new topic.
dear readers, i just found my lately photos collection in my old-albums today. Last two years ago, i've been crazy with 'Hello Kitty' that much!i even framed all my photos using 'Hello Kitty' 's frame. ngeeee....and one of my collection is here,

see, i loved Hello Kitty, i'm not really love Pink colors but i do love soft-colors.

p/s i miss someone right now.=)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The spirit of fire into me.

Peace be upon you. hye readers!!!
Today i have a favor on myself. therefore, i tried to create a song within two hours, included its codes and tune by myself.. and what the result?i was surprised that i could invents it within two hours, i feels awesomed!!!=)

Because i loves music so much, hence encourages myself to jump into songs' invention. i do love this since my young age. and i feels encouraged and embers. just like the fire of woods. i wish i could have an embers strength to face anything in my life. InsyaAllah..

and now i feel free to go and do anything since i have a courages and strength into myself. 

i hope all of you will be strong to encounter anything challenged in yours too. insyaAllah, Allah may blessing us..amin~~~

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Peace be upon you.

i am just speechless right now. mindless and moody.
i can't express my actual feelings through blogging. but sharing could helps me to get over a little bit.
i have so many things to share about but i am just speechless and wordless right now.

Next-week gonna be my busiest day. there are a visits from Ministry of Health to our school by next-week, and i maybe will be a busiest person, because i am the one who takes responsible to manage and arrange the program properly. i couldn't estimate how this program will be, but i promises to give the best for them soon.


Friday, June 10, 2011

A piteous puppy.

Peace be upon you. Hello readers, ni hao ma?..=)

i was addictive to blog currently. when i rechecked my blog, i can't believe that i can wrote a whole post in this blog. i just love to share my experienced, and writing is the right move for me to implement it. 

And last two weeks ago, i had return to my family's apartment at University condominium apartment Kota kinabalu. and when i had been there, i saw a piteous puppy in-front of our block, it looked friendly and cute. therefore, i took some photos of the puppy...

this puppy is doesn't belong to anyone. it just wandered to anywhere. no food, no shelter and no affection. so poor right? i can't look after this puppy forever, but i tend to feed it every time i come to there. wishing for it's safety.

Prays for him.

Peace be upon you.
Good morning to all readers, have a nice day today.
what i want to say on this early morning is just about my future life.
Remember about someone special that i've told you before. he is the one that i had mentioned in my previous posts, Confession of my heart.=)

and today i woke up early, just because to 'accompany' him for his preparation of job interview. even though we were far away, but woken in the early morning made me feels that i was there with him. 
his interview will be start on this 10am at Kota Kinabalu sabah. to attend it, he should takes 2 hours journey and now he's driving, en route to there. i am praying for his safety.

and my heart just can't stop from beating too fast. i am never stop praying for his bless and lucky. because he is my future life, then of course job gonna be an important aspect in our life. you know what, he always told me that he wanted to keep money for our future. you know what i means right?its all about marriage.=) =) =)

then because today is his day, so i am praying for the best of him. Ya Allah, please give him a bless so that he can achieve his dream. please give him a bless to make it easier. Amin~~~~

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bring up the past into my present.

Peace be upon you.
Hello readers,
i was surprised today, its been 2 years i'd never signed in into my friendster account. that's because i've forgotten my password!since i've a facebook, i didn't open or visit my friendster account, even once. i'm sure, all of you knows about friendster right?its was a popular social network a couple of years ago, but now it became dulls and boring, since facebook was existed. its a fact!

coincidentally, i found out about my friendster account's password today. i don't know what the hell that brought me to check and visit into. and once i opened it, i feel hurt, sad and mad, all of these negative feelings overwhelmed me. why? because this account was belong to me and my old-person@ex-boyfriend. we starts this account 5 years ago and when we broke up a couple of years ago, i've left this account alone with him and i've never open it 'till now.

so today i reached and checked it for the 1st time since my last visit on 2008. there are so many photos and messages inside of the account. yups, its all ours. and there are so many words that made me scratched and freaked out. i don't want to talk about my memories, for sure,i feel hurt because Friendster was bring up my past into my present. it was my past memories, so no need to keep or save these photos or messages, even a word about us into. so with no doubt, i deleted almost of them and i won't check it anymore.

so what i've learns today is, no matters high love between yours, don't ever keep or save your memories into a social networks, because when you get break with them, you might feel the same ways i feel now. its hurt you know. but i am glad and grateful, because i have a wonderful boyfriend in my present. I won't do the same mistake that i had been done before. never. because i love my boyfriend so much. cheers~~~~=)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Confession of my Heart.

Peace be upon you.

i have a special one in my life. i am sure, every people have their own special one in theirs.
i have him. yups, for sure, i've already having a special boyfriend in my life. i have no doubt for telling everyone about my current's status. i always wanted to be honest with him, to build up a worth's love and be a 'real' special in his life. 

our love-story starts 15 months ago, but my feelings toward him is still the same. sometimes we're having quarrels, we even don't know what we had fighting for, its just happens, and finally, we're realize that it was regrettable!huh, a couple always wanted to get attention from their couple, and that's happens into me, and may be you all too, right?=) no wonders la, this is a reality of being couple!

okey, for the readers know, apart of blogs, i have a facebook, Formspring, Twitters, Myspace and a Netlog''s accounts. i even having two blogs using the same email. but do you trust me if i says that my boyfriend knows everything about my social network's accounts??..the fact is, yups, he knows everything about mine, my password, email, and anything that i can't finish my words to explain here.=) we've no secret in ours and we're open-minded among us.=)

and dear my readers, what i've wrote in this post is just a confession. 
i don't know if people might feel disgust, or nauseate or maybe frust with this post, but this is only a confession about me. i feel adore and awesome with ours.

'we don't know how long it takes to have a love like this,..'-


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Do it over the time.

i was having a great time with my family since i am around here.
fooling around with them made me happiness and grateful at all. i don't want to miss any moment with them,
therefore i just called my job wedding off today. its supposed to be today, but realize that i was rarely to have fun with them, so i was cancelled my service and allowed another photographer into my job. i always wanted to be a part of my family in any moments. i wish them for peaceful and blissful.

i was tired for my jobs. but don't get me wrong, i am just tired because i don't have enough time to rest my mind, not in my jobs. i am not the one who always objected to do something, sometimes its takes my fun time off of me, but quickly i always get over it. i am watching for the excellence, not the failure. so i will keep it up and never give up.

May god blessing us~~~

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pre-wedding photography 1

Today i am going to blog about pre-wedding photography that i had been before..
found out about the amuseness of photography,so i came out to the location punctually with one of our photographers. he was skillful and kindly, always taught and guided me to get a very wonderful shoot by DSLs.
now i am looking forward to the jobs wedding and thinks about to improve and renovates my skills and accessories in photography. wishes to prove it soon, hopefully.

well, i have another jobs in wedding soon. my time was crowded and unavailable. i am about to rest my mind right now, and be prepare for another photography soon. may god blessing all of us.amin~~~

  p/s more photos can be seen in my photoblog..feel free to be there..=)

Friday, June 3, 2011


Its been a week i didn't update my blog. 
i have a crazy time with my side-career as a photographer of jobs wedding and portraiture-models.
i even don't have enough time with my best-friends, and my boyfriend. i simply can't get much rest of mine. 
i needs to face a flat screen of computer everyday. its just tedious and monotous. i don't know if i can stand to be like this for the rest of my life.huh. sighing.

but the reality is, i don't believe in the impossible. i am a realist. i was tired for taking photos but it derive such an amuseness and satisfaction feeling into myself. A whole world of imagination is open to us, but all of these are depend on ourselves. Everything impossible becomes a reality in a real life.and i always wanted to make it happiness, without sighing. is it possible? i can't answer it but i am sure that i won't give up anymore.

with sincerely, i would like to express my greatest appreciation to all people who have supported me to be a strong person, especially to my boyfriend, Noorlizam Jamlee.. thank you so much ya.=)