Friday, May 6, 2011

Soothe your heart with water.

Dear friends, bloggers and readers,
today i am back with some of my favourite photos. Decorative waterfall. which were taken during my trip to Putrajaya, selangor, for photoshoot session with my friend.

  and for the moment when i was tracking my self here, my fingers just couldn't stop me from snapping them.

i love water too much, as i love calmness and peaceful. 
jsut enjoy it yaa....have a nice today friends..=)


missKinahwimpy said...

nice shot! XD
water=cool=BEST! \(^_^)/

echaRierie said...

santik !
nice !
cool !

Azeanthy Paiman said...

misskinahwimpy & echaRierie:
thanks yaaa...i took them=)

hElfiS said...

cantik la...

*mau tanya??
Tajuk lagu ne apa rr??heheheh

miss frog said...

wahh..nice lah dear..
follow u bek dear..tenkiu k...

Azeanthy Paiman said...

helfis:thanks...lagu apa aarrr?hehe.

miss frog:thnks dear...nice to blog with you.hehe.

hElfiS said...

lagu blog ya ne..heheh

Azeanthy Paiman said... lagu estrela STAY..hehe..

hElfiS said...

^__^ hihi