Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rain on mirror.

i have some performances to perform on nextweek and i was surprised when they asked me to present my owned songs for theirs!huh. sighing. i already created a song for Hari Guru 2011..but now they asking me for KadazanDusun's song and huh, i need to procure a KadazanDusun's song as soon as possible.  
invention of song is not easy. i used to create songs since my secondary school. its was great and amazed to perform our own songs in-front of others. but i don't want to create a monotony song, i just need a simple one. simply to say, only 4 verses, its pretty enough to conclude the song.=)
i've already created the tune and the music for the song, the only thing i need to do now is to write a lyric for the song. hopes to complete them as soon as possible.

and oh,yesterday me and NJ went to Bundu Tuhan (One of a beautiful and cold place in Sabah), unluckily, its was rained. but i enjoyed it so much. you know how much i love rain and cold placed.=)
and yups, i've snapped them too. here they are,

Too much things to share with you all actually, but its getting late now, i am going to prepare meals for my family's dinner.
so see you all next ya...have a nice day there.may god blessing you.daaaa.=)


hElfiS said...

gud luck yan...
hujan tu rahmat kan....hihi..
nice shoot yan..^__^

Azeanthy Paiman said...

salam.tq hel..
merciful rain kan...
thank you.=)