Friday, May 27, 2011

A moment with Eyanz Azeanthy

Hello hello!Peace be upon you.
i was happy and excited for my jobs wedding by tomorrow, but at the same time, i feel guilty 'cause i can't attend to our batch primary school's reunion that will be held by tomorrow night. urmm, i thought, there must be happening to be gather with old friends...i missed them so much now!

and yesterday, my performance on stage has done well and i got a very great time with all of them (teachers and pupils). and what their comment regarding me?..'you're not a singer, but you're performer'.wow!i was smiling at all and very thankful for their cooperation, throughout my performance. thank you all.

and last evening, i took my photos by myself. here they are=)

be happy there all my readers.. may god blessing us.amin~~~~

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Peaceful over you.

Hello readers!
Peace be upon you...
i always appreciated the natural beauty of his creation in this world. wonderful and amazing.
Great time with blissful heart. so this is my way to show off my grateful...

p/s more photos can be seen at my photoblog..feel free to park and stay there. i am thankful for your visits.

and dear all readers,
i have a big-show tomorrow. sing, while playing a guitar is not an easy move. but i've committed my show.
so tomorrow i am going to perform my owned song on stage. pray and bless me yaa....may god blessing you.thanks dear..=)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I am me once more

hello readers,
have a nice day today..

i have nothing to say today but what happened to me on last night brought me amused and enjoyed.huhu.
someone came and viewed my blog. i thought she has views my blog many times. frequently.

saya adalah saya sekali lagi.

saya tidak ingin menjadi orang lain. saya adalah diri saya. apa yang saya lakukan adalah atas diri saya sendiri tanpa pengaruh dari orang lain. saya sangat menghargai apabila diberi kritikan dan nasihat, tapi bukan semua kritikan itu akan mengubah saya.

saya menghadapi keadaan yang sukar sejak dari zaman sekolah, ramai orang yang selalu menggangu hidup saya. adakah kerana cemburu atau suka-suka?saya juga tidak pasti. dan semalam seorang perempuan telah 'menceroboh' masuk ke dalam dunia saya tanpa diminta.

Saya tidak pernah berdendam dengan dosa yang dia lakukan, tapi nampaknya semalam dia benar-benar menguji kesabaran saya selepas kejadian tahun lepas. Dia fikir dia siapa untuk menilai dan mengadili diri saya. saya tidak pernah mengagumi gadis itu kerana dia juga adalah manusia biasa. dia bukan sapa-bagi saya.

Mungkin dia sangka dia adalah yang terhebat dalam dunia ini, oh maaf ya. selagi hati saya belum tergugat kerana dia, maksudnya dia bukan yang terhebat di dunia ini, walaupun hanya dalam kawasan Ranau. Ramai kawan-kawan dan senior yang bercerita tentang dia kepada saya.terlalu banyak cerita yang saya dengar mengenai kejelekan dia di mata mereka. jadi dia siapa untuk mengadili saya??

so saya gembira dan bersyukur kiranya dia tidak menganggu dan terus merosakkan nama saya lagi di kalangan kawan-kawannya yang entah seramai mana itu. Dia sangat egois. namun saya sentiasa bersabar dan anggap suma ini tidak pernah berlaku. Dia hanyalah tunggul yang tidak mungkin menjejaskan kehidupan saya.
semoga Allah memberkati saya. dan membuka mata hati dia atas dosa yang dia lakukan. Terima kasih.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wonderful Morning.

Every morning the sun shines in my bedroom and wakes me up.
i am blessing with the natural beauties of the Creation. its just wonderful and amazing.

and i snapped some of them just a couple of minutes ago,

i was reading a very beautiful and wonderful poem made by Elizabeth Gilbert, a writer of Eat, Pray and Love when someone called me and asked me for dating. and ops, sorry to say, 'cause i won't date with somebody else, except with my boyfriend.never.

and as usual, i can't stand without play a guitar and music, even just in a day.
so i am gonna work on them right now.
have a nice day today guys.=)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rain on mirror.

i have some performances to perform on nextweek and i was surprised when they asked me to present my owned songs for theirs!huh. sighing. i already created a song for Hari Guru 2011..but now they asking me for KadazanDusun's song and huh, i need to procure a KadazanDusun's song as soon as possible.  
invention of song is not easy. i used to create songs since my secondary school. its was great and amazed to perform our own songs in-front of others. but i don't want to create a monotony song, i just need a simple one. simply to say, only 4 verses, its pretty enough to conclude the song.=)
i've already created the tune and the music for the song, the only thing i need to do now is to write a lyric for the song. hopes to complete them as soon as possible.

and oh,yesterday me and NJ went to Bundu Tuhan (One of a beautiful and cold place in Sabah), unluckily, its was rained. but i enjoyed it so much. you know how much i love rain and cold placed.=)
and yups, i've snapped them too. here they are,

Too much things to share with you all actually, but its getting late now, i am going to prepare meals for my family's dinner.
so see you all next ya...have a nice day there.may god blessing you.daaaa.=)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Where are you.

i am looking for you. where you gone?

the light has a power, strength, and endurance.
i came to you because i need you. where are you my light?
i am exciting for the moment we're awaited.
come and let the light show us the way of life.
Life is too erratic and wonderful.
but without light, we gonna die. and exhaustion. for the rest of time.
so love and appreciate our life.

Back to the origin

its been a week i didn't open, even updating my blog. i just came back to my hometown from Malaya actually. 
sometimes i got trouble to surf internet or so on, due to internet disconnection at my place. but i am happy now since my break holiday is just began. its was wonderful feeling and i never want to waste my whole break. i was excited now.=)
and oh, i have some photos collection that i took during my travel to Ranau..MOunt Kinabalu on evening was wonderful. here they are..

proud and feel impressive to see the wonderful...
well, i have a lot of photos to share actually. but seemed that internet problem has impeded my intention.
then i am gonna share with you all soon ya...have a nice day today..=)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

She was holding on a guitar.

Guitar and feeling, can be correlated as a synonymous things.
i have damn monotous and erratic self needs right now. my final examination is still in progression.
but seeing the photos that i took during my photo-shoot session, a couple of weeks ago made me calm and peace for a while.
i don't want to hold on this alone, so i do love to share my ideas and works with all of you...
so here they are...

this is only a few of photos from  my albums...keeping a lot of photos inside of my memory card doesn't bring to happiest if i can't show and share it to others..therefore, i do love to share my photo-work with people..just for their enjoyment.=)

i am going to publish some of my photo-work in my soon. see you there..
have a nice day today all my friends=)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dear followers@readers, this is just for you.

i am so busiest right now. final examination made me horrible and erratic. but still, i never forget to share my favorite collection, just for you all.
as today is our weekend, so i wanna dedicates this for all of you, its was colorful flowers. i hope your weekend will bring you to happiness and enjoyment. so here they are.

May god blessing your weekend. stay cool there=)

p/s More photos taken by myself can be seen at my, photoblog. Feel free to visit there.there's a lot of my collection therein. thank you.=)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Soothe your heart with water.

Dear friends, bloggers and readers,
today i am back with some of my favourite photos. Decorative waterfall. which were taken during my trip to Putrajaya, selangor, for photoshoot session with my friend.

  and for the moment when i was tracking my self here, my fingers just couldn't stop me from snapping them.

i love water too much, as i love calmness and peaceful. 
jsut enjoy it yaa....have a nice today friends..=)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Prays for me.

This is my final examination schedule...

i just finished 3 about 6 papers of my final examination..and tomorrow gonna be my Nutrition paper, its was a killer subject, and all of our subjects for this semester seemed to kill us.huh.sighing.

but i love Nutrition and Biochemistry. both were teaching me about the human physiological process and needs of our body. i am gonna stay up tonight. so please prays for me yaa...may God blessing us.amin~~~

Stupid thing that ever happened in my life.

Its just stupid and so stupid.
Sorry because of my roughness words. i don't know how to start my words, but its just about something stupid happened in my life just a couple of months ago (4/5hb November 2010, if i am not mistaken). the time elapsed, but the effect sticked on my life till today.why?coz all my friends now already hates her so much.but do i care?huhu.okey, let me proceed.

Saya ada seorang follower lelaki bernama F (juga merangkap bekas abang angkat semasa zaman sekolah menengah) and selepas beberapa tahun, itulah kali pertama saya bertemu semula dengan dia.Secara kebetulan pula, kami telah menjadi satu team debate bagi mewakili negeri sabah. Dia, saya, anis and fairul. saya sangat rapat dengan anis my bestfriend, dan juga mereka semua, sebab sudah anggap F sebagai adik-beradik sendiri, maka saya pun sanggup bagi password blogger saya dengan dia, untuk apa dia minta pun saya kurang pasti. yang saya tahu, masa tu dia memang betul2 mahu buka blog baru. and saya lah satu2 nya blog yang followed once dia sudah buka blog baru.
Satu hari tu tiba-tiba ada kawan called saya, bagitahu yang ada seseorang(she also came from Ranau) sedang mentioned nama saya dalam blog dia. who the person who's mentioned my name?ok,i don't want to reveal her name. just mahu bagitahu yang dia ada kaitan dengan masa silam saya. then saya pun buka lah link blog c gurl tu mau tengok apa sebenarnya kes yang terjadi. and u all know what happen??di sana ada satu komen daripada follower saya, F, yang mengatakan,'apa guna pakai tudung kalau nampak leher?'.yups, until now saya masih ingat ayat c F di sana. and gurl pun tu membalas komen itu di blog nya, 'terima kasih cik azeanty atas......bla bla bla..'.Damn!i was shocked, surprised and blurred when i saw my name di sana!not only that gurl, but her friends also tried to boom me. and what my first and last intervention?i just komen blog gurl tu then bagitahu dia bahwa bukan saya yang komen dia, itu cuma follower saya. but seemed that the gurl ni ada head-strong, terlalu yakin dengan kata-katanya then she pun hentam saya semula melalui komen yang bertalu-talu di ruang komen blog nya. i was freaked out during that time but i never replied her again. cukuplah saya sudah bagitahu yang itu memang bukan saya, but if she never trust me,OKEY FINE, its okey. who's care if she want to trust me or not.
saya tidak pernah berdendam atau ambil kesah tentang kejadian itu..but yang menjadi problem nya, bila kawan2 dia(or maybe dia sendiri yang jadi mastermind) ganggu hidup saya sampailah sekarang. why i said that?because as soon after the case itu saja, saya dapat banyak mesej, weird question di Formspring and email saya. then paling menyedihkan (at the same time i felt that its was immature) bila c gurl itu pergi bagitahu kesah antara kami tu dengan suma orang yang dia kenal,(ada yang saya kenal juga) then i don't know, as soon after that saja, mostly of them removed me from their Facebook's friend lists. i don't know sampai mana sudah gurl tu sudah merosakkan nama saya but i know she done it. and paling hilarious bila gurl itu cakap saya yang memulakan conflict kami dengan me-removed dia dari friend lists FB saya..o gurl, i never know if i've removed sapa2 pun dari Fb saya, sebab saya tidak pernah removed dia or sapa2 dari FB sapa yang remove sapa tu sebenarnya salah sapa?..masalah technical facebook or what?(ramai friends dari FB saya juga pernah told me yang kononnya saya tiada dalam friendlist dorang, mean masalah technical FB la kale)itu pun saya tidak tahu, yang saya tahu saya tidak pernah komen blog dia or remove dia dari FB saya. so immatured right.but sapa removed saya pun sya tidak kesah.i have a lot of friends.huhu.

saya sebenarnya sangat disappointed dengan kejadian itu, but saya buat tidak tahu and forgot saja suma yang terjadi ni. saya anggap benda ini tidak pernah berlaku dalam hidup saya.but bila ada kawan2 bercakap tentang ini dengan saya baru2 ini, OMG, she rupanya sudah bagitahu ramai orang pasal hal kami and patutlah ada kawan2, even my own cousins pun removed me from their facebook friend lists. and ada segelintir kawan2 dia yang kalau nampak saya. macam mau telan saja.excused me, i am not and never fear you all suma lah. and sekarang tambah membingungkan bila my blog selalu kena STALKED oleh somebody. don;t know who. but sangat menghairankan.once again,ADA AKU KESAH??sedikit pun tidak menjejaskan hidup saya.hoho.

so dear readers and kawan2,
what should i do now?patutkah saya berhubung dengan gurl itu semula then jelaskan perkara sebenar, or biarkan saja suma ini berlalu?.i am not wrong, i never did it,really!but she's prejudices on me and made a big deals with me. yang jelas sekali, dia sebenarnya sudah merosakkan nama baik saya di RANAU.makin saya diam, makin menjadi and membesar pula kes ni.huh,what's the immature attitude yaa.but really, i never want to evoke this case again, but saya ada hak untuk bersihkan nama saya kan.then after that, i rest my hand from this case.thank you.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Keep smile, even when you're tired.

i just took my 3rd examination paper today. i felt so tired, led me tedious and monotous. mostly people gonna feel the same way i felt, when they don't get their enough rest, sleep and so on, right? i got all the symptoms right now. but when my bestfriend asked me for photograph, yups, i just created a big smile just for her. and see, do you think this is real or fake smile?..check it out.=)

and this is my bestfriend, Lydia Micheal. i love her so much=)

so, do you get if i were honest or faked my smile?...
the real is...i was smiling but i got tedious very much indeed.
so i am gonna take my rest now.tata~~~

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

i am proud to be Sabahan.

i came from Ranau Sabah, nearest with the Kinabalu Mountain, its just about 30 minutes from my place..

and as a native of Kadazandusun, i am proud to profess my self as a Sabahan's Girl. yups, i came from Ranau, and also, was staying at Penampang Sabah.

i feel great to wear my ethnic's customs,. its just unique and so creative. i wish to wear it one more time soon. so imposing, and evoking my native's honors. 

i am proud to be Sabahan.=)

Mum and Her Youngest Daughter

She's my idols, taught me to be someone as a human being, motivated me to be strong and tough, guided me to be useful person and always caring me. i love her so much. and just wanna love her forever.

Mum, Happy Mother's day....

as a youngest daughter, i wish the best for my mum. always caring and keep in touch with her, although i am far away from my family...

i am gonna back to them within a week. can't wait for that. i hope everything gonna be okey and i wanna spent my whole break time with them...wish the best for my family....amin~~~

Monday, May 2, 2011

Dear My Lovely and nice Followers@Readers

Assalamualaikum and Hello all my lovely and nice followers@readers.
Today was our first week of May 2011. i am blessing and grateful for the bright and lucky day, which is came from the GODNESS. also today, all of us in the mood of Holiday Mode right? i am feel the same way too.

for those who have their final exam or tests, this moment maybe gonna be a crazy time for you all, right? same with me. i feel crazy and my mind is freaking out right now, since i have 4 papers about 6 papers to face it. and i am gonna be struggles for that, so i wish the best for all of you guys. Gud luck!!!

since today the weather is bright and i am blessed with that (Rainy day was impeded my routine activities=)), so i want to dedicate some photos, just for you all...

the shining of the sun ray, came down to hit the ground of this earth...its just wonderful and amazing, created by Allah....

so bright and happening right? hope u all will be joyous and happy-go-lucky there...thanks for the trustworthy and loyalty for being my followers@readers...may god blessing you..amin~~~