Friday, April 8, 2011

Plant on the Tree

i just hanging out around my college today...and i saw beautiful plant on the tree...
it was holding by the tree and seem like it can't live without the tree..
so i talked with my self,'i am going to shoot the plant outside there..' i took my DSLs together with me, then i shot it..

i didn't climb the tree.but i just shoot them from my 'zoom in' site, and i got the result above..
i just love to capture a plant or things, so sometime i take my time to have a fresh air, while my hand holding a DSLs...its was me.but i am not addicted by bringing DSLs along with me for a whole time, i just bring it out when i have intent to shoot sometime valued..just for fun..

well, i just loves to write something that i interested...therefore, i blogged my self right now.but because of ongoing jobs, i need to limit and control myself..yups, i am gonna be a teacher during my 4 months semester break, there's no internet network and handphone's line on the sub-urbs. i am facing a complicated time during my lesson..but its okey, i am gonna familiarize my self with the new, i need to refrain myself during that's time...i'll be okey..=)

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