Monday, April 18, 2011

Photoshoot with Sarah Mohd saleh

Yesterday i had a photoshoot session with sarah mohd saleh. she's my classmate in Bachelor.
we went to Putrajaya, took some photos there, and took fresh air there. realize that it was a good chance to improve my skills, so i went there and applied my skill there. less editing and touch up were mine. so here they are..

i can't wait to upload all the photos i taken yesterday.but student time made me busy at all. i have two tests by tomorrow, therefore, uploading the rest photos should need more time and of course, they will be publish on the next-day, day after tomorrow before i have another photoshoot with someone else on wednesday or thurday, if i am not mistaken,Insyaallah.
 so wait for the next photos by mine.tata~~~

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