Thursday, April 7, 2011


I just created some thumbnails pictures last night..its so simple but meaningful...and this is only one of them...

this pictures are taken during our birthday celebration with Dayah and Yusuff last month...and what actually the meaning of this pic?..well, from the pic, we can see that's there are two person, in which, the male was cleaning his self because of the messed, while the female was trying to help the male to cleared it here we can see the bonding of friendship among them...=)if i not mistaken..=)

so, the words inside of the thumbnail actually created by myself, in which, gave meaning that true friendship will never end, until this world end....its pretty enough to describe that friendship is a powerful and long-lasting relationship among people...

so, for more pictures regarding friendship, please visits my photoblog have many of them check it out!=)

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