Friday, April 22, 2011

On our anniversary, i present you this.

Dear Noorlizam Jamlee.
Today is our first anniversary love. we had been through a very challenged time before but with the blessing of Allah, we still made the best for our love. we are so lucky, because we're not only made a love, but also found a friendship in our relationship. and there's no doubted, that our love is never today i present you this with full of my heart..

Happy Anniversary Day 

Thank you for caring me, stay with me, and always loving me. wish our dream will come true and will be everlasting love. May god blessing us..amin~~~

Monday, April 18, 2011

Photoshoot with Sarah Mohd saleh

Yesterday i had a photoshoot session with sarah mohd saleh. she's my classmate in Bachelor.
we went to Putrajaya, took some photos there, and took fresh air there. realize that it was a good chance to improve my skills, so i went there and applied my skill there. less editing and touch up were mine. so here they are..

i can't wait to upload all the photos i taken yesterday.but student time made me busy at all. i have two tests by tomorrow, therefore, uploading the rest photos should need more time and of course, they will be publish on the next-day, day after tomorrow before i have another photoshoot with someone else on wednesday or thurday, if i am not mistaken,Insyaallah.
 so wait for the next photos by mine.tata~~~

Friday, April 8, 2011

Plant on the Tree

i just hanging out around my college today...and i saw beautiful plant on the tree...
it was holding by the tree and seem like it can't live without the tree..
so i talked with my self,'i am going to shoot the plant outside there..' i took my DSLs together with me, then i shot it..

i didn't climb the tree.but i just shoot them from my 'zoom in' site, and i got the result above..
i just love to capture a plant or things, so sometime i take my time to have a fresh air, while my hand holding a DSLs...its was me.but i am not addicted by bringing DSLs along with me for a whole time, i just bring it out when i have intent to shoot sometime valued..just for fun..

well, i just loves to write something that i interested...therefore, i blogged my self right now.but because of ongoing jobs, i need to limit and control myself..yups, i am gonna be a teacher during my 4 months semester break, there's no internet network and handphone's line on the sub-urbs. i am facing a complicated time during my lesson..but its okey, i am gonna familiarize my self with the new, i need to refrain myself during that's time...i'll be okey..=)

Thursday, April 7, 2011


I just created some thumbnails pictures last night..its so simple but meaningful...and this is only one of them...

this pictures are taken during our birthday celebration with Dayah and Yusuff last month...and what actually the meaning of this pic?..well, from the pic, we can see that's there are two person, in which, the male was cleaning his self because of the messed, while the female was trying to help the male to cleared it here we can see the bonding of friendship among them...=)if i not mistaken..=)

so, the words inside of the thumbnail actually created by myself, in which, gave meaning that true friendship will never end, until this world end....its pretty enough to describe that friendship is a powerful and long-lasting relationship among people...

so, for more pictures regarding friendship, please visits my photoblog have many of them check it out!=)