Saturday, March 5, 2011

MISS UNIVERSE UITM 2011 (Islamic Fashion)

'Nothing impossible for willing heart'

On 26th February 2011, i had represented my college in Miss Universe Islamic Fashion 2011...for the first time in my whole life, this is a big challenged that they used to serve me..heee...but i just thought that there a reason for why they want me to be the representative of our beloved college...i accepted this offered by open-heart..but at the same time, i began to made rebel when the time was running out so fast for me to made some preparation for this competition..i had tried to find somebody to replaced myself on a week before this competition..but i don't knew why they are so fear and afraid for being one of the competitor in this it the title of Miss Universe UiTM 2011 made them scary and fear?some of them said that they can't grab the title because of lack of confidence, preparation and enthusiasm..i was blink during the time and the time was running out 'till there are only 2days left before the i just forced my self to involve myself in this competition...i tend to plan some strategies by looking forwarded to my custom preparation..and yess, i got and found my custom for this here i am for the last night..

and also for Talent's Stage, i got ideas for the last minute by minimal time of my preparation...with medley songs of Gun n roses together with my copyrighted song 'New Baby Born'..i made them to be creative for only 3 minute,sharp!!!with my beloved acoustic guitar, i just brought my guitar and songs on stage with my creative ideas...

and after 3 minute of the second stage, once again i got a challenged when the judges asked me to select only one colors of 3 colors for Question and Answer stage..i used to choose the blue color because i love blue color..and OMG, the question is really challenged!!!with my confidence, i used to answered the question careful and thoughtful i guess..=)...upon i finished it, all people around me just clapped their hand and cheer up!!!i got blurred during the time..not because the question but because the feedback i got once i stepped down from the stage...all the aundience including the others competitors came to me and said 'Congrat's yan..u're amazing!!'..with blinked mind, i just smile at all...=)

after all completed and the participants have shown their own talented, now its time for our thrilling time when the judges come to the in front to announce the result!!i just made this simple with minimal hoped for being the winner of this we just got ready and the result has announced perfectly..and i got surprised when i grabbed the title of Miss universe 2011 on this night!!!not only the title, i am also so lucky when i won all 4 categories at the same time, such as Kategori Personaliti terbaik, Kategori Busana Terbaik, Johan and Juara Keseluruhan Miss Universe 2011!!i just smile at all on the stage..=)

and all my friends came to hug me tightly while said 'we're expecting from the beginning that u'll be the winner'..i just laughed at all..thank you all my friends for the support....i was lucky on the night...

so that's all my experienced during the memorable night...i knew, there are nothing impossible as long as we have effort and willingness to make it real and successful...with minimal preparation, i got it with big title.thank you god for your blessing.....Alhamdulillah..~~~~