Friday, January 28, 2011

Sound Relaxation and Sleeping Aids

Have you ever heard about the effects of nature sound before??..
hey guys,i just found a statement which is proves that the nature sound have ability to aid sleep,reduce stress,make calm and provide relaxing atmosphere to us just like the meditation,yoga,tai-chi and so on..

Ambient nature sound such as ocean,bird sound,creek,thunder,vibes and etc, have their own abilities to aid us..
now i'm going to reveal some of the secret of the nature sound of life...

  • consistent sounds such as rain or waterfall often help light sleeper and infants sleep better.
  • the  steady sound such as ocean waves provide a sensation of calm and relaxation and also helps to lull sleep..that cool our mindly=)
  • a slow babbling creek sound produce a warm comforting sound which is create an unique sound and conjure up images of a countryside getaway..just imagine that!!!
  • thunder is an unique sound from the sky..once we heard the thunder sound,quickly we're thinking about the rain..
  • singing bird sound is a joyful sound and create some calmness to us..
there are some of nature sound that actually we can find other than these...
i used to listen them since i knew about them and really..its work at all!!!
for those who have difficulty sleeping and get tired in a middle of day,don't be hesitate to practice this cheap tips to improve your sleep..just listen to them and try to feel it deeply...just make calm your mind and forget about the work and stress for a while...and make your position at optimum comfort..
control your mind and breathing...and feel it'll get your sleep tight soon....

click and practice them...its really work!!!
happy go lucky..=)

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