Friday, January 28, 2011

Classicz Film Photoblog

Today was my classic color day since i'd applied classic film filter on my pictures...
with the combination of black and white,the classic color has formed and this is the result i got..

 with 1/100 f5.6 focal length 18-55mm ISO400 black n white monochrome,my bestfriend came to help me tp create some classic pictures just for fun..and here we are..=)

in the darkroom last night,i managed to set up my DSL setting to have a proper combination of colors so that the dark environment doesn't effects the pic..the color seems to be bright due to the backlight made from my D-lighting setting and i felt amazing with this technology...well,its done well...=)

i just thought to snap some pictures using classic colors on future...may god blessing us..-=)


Emil Akmal said...

nice shoot yan.

Azeanthy NLizam said...

thank you so much emil..
still need your tips...heee.

Fane Davis said...

it's classic indeed!