Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mount Kinabalu oF Malaysia

Hii Bloggers!!!
Nice to share something with all of you today..
i just came back from my travel by yesterday...and i had taken some photos during my travel to Kota kinabalu for memories...and i like to share it with you all...its so simple since i used only with my hp's camera to snap it..but it gave meanings to me...and here they are..

my travel has begun so early as 8am..and this is the scenes of Mount Kinabalu in the morning...

Kinabalu Pine Resort
still with the nature
some reconstruction still in progress

all of this photos are taken using my mobile's camera and snap just from my family's car during our travel...
but still made me feel that our Malaysian's nature is so amazing and wonderful!!!

Scenes from the Mount Kinabalu OF Borneo

and this is my favourite photos collection today...the great homepage of the Mount Kinabalu Sabah make me feel wanna go there,but i couldn' i wish i can go there at nextime after my travel..
i love my country!!!


Emil Akmal said...

wow great journey friend.
nice pic too.
wah sungguh2 nk jd writer ye
u amek kos apa.?

Azeanthy NLizam said...

thanks emil..simple pic for simple travel.huhu..
not so really,but it was my hobbies since my primary school..
sport science for sport medicine..=)

Emil Akmal said...

wah jauh nya u pnye bidang sama dgn minat.?
plan it as part time ke.?

Azeanthy NLizam said...

heee....there i am..
yups..mmg plans it as my part time soon..
because i love them as my hobbies..=)

Fariz Danial said...

pakai kamera fon jer? tapi still kualiti good

Azeanthy NLizam said...

yups..pkai cam phone jer..
thank you fariz..=)