Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The shining:


I have a dream, a mysterious but so vivid dream.

Its just an imagination i thought, but somehow i realised
Its not a dream. I could feel my feet walking on the ground,
And i still feel the pain when i falling down.

Oh darling, this is not a dream. But its alive. My real life.
Everything has changed, i am now standing in my comfort
Zone, i have no more worry, what i have to do now is just
Focusing on my pathway, just follow with the flows, doing
The best of me, and yess, i will be happy ending and keep
My life normally.

Thanks a lot ya Allah for the Dhuha. Alhamdulillah.

With love,
Azeanthy Paiman.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Update to my BFF's story.

My BFF said she already reported to the police for her ex-BF misbehaved. And also she is going to report the FITNAH done by that girl I** unless I** apologize and clear my BFF's name and reputation within 2weeks. No apologize, no consideration. 

Thumbs up my dear BFF. You did a great job and decision. I will always support you Ok. Dont worry. Allah is with you.

Ok, that's all. Bye. 

Sunday, April 21, 2019

I was once;


Good morning. I woke up early this morning, as usual playing with my little baby girl and having a cup of tea of course. 😘😘

But actually, what make me fresher right now is more to a long conversation with a friend of mine. She's totally drained out. Lost of hope. And she has no trust of anyone, but me. The old friend of her. Huh. I hope she read this. This entry is totally dedicated to her. 

Dear my friend,
I know u're in trouble when i dreamed a lot of you lately. I tried to call you but i hope u understand the state of being a mom with a superhectic schedule. Everyday is a superhectic to me. Huh. I admit i am not a good friend either. I am so sorry but here i am, trying to dig ur feeling. Thanks for calling me lastnight.. it was a long story but i understand ur feeling. I REALLY UNDERSTAND. because i was once in ur situation. 

The cronology of the story,
Lastnight she told me that her blog hacked by someone she know and really trust. Not hacked actually, i'm sorry to say but it is more to manipulation. Being MANIPULATED by her ex-boyfriend. Not only her blog but also her facebook. So damn thing i should say. 

The cronology is; okey we started with Bismillah. Mixed language here yaa. 😆

Last two months ago, someone claimed herself as I** trying to ambush my friend. Not only I** alone but her family and friends! Ok cerita bermula when I** claimed that a personal blog kepunyaan my friend telah mengeluarkan kata-kata yang kurang sopan di ruangan komen of hers. So my friend checked out and surprisingly, my friend never come to I** blog, and never leave any comments there! So my friend tried herself to explain I** regarding the mysterious comment but sudah terlambat, I** already spreaded it out to her family and friends so now everybody pointed out to my friend saying that my friend is the first one who ambush her personal blog. My friend yang kebingungan pun cuba siasat who is the mastermind of this. And we suspected the mastermind is her ex-BF!
Why her ex-BF? because according to my friend, no one know her media social password very well beside of her ex-BF. 😖😖 One by one the investigation started and yes, finally her ex-BF admitted yang itu memang kerja dia. So deep investigation, baru tahu rupanya I** is her ex-BF 's EX! Understand? Which mean, her Ex-BF pernah couple with I** dulu-dulu. Huh, really heartbroken my friend bila tahu pasal ni. 

The worsen part is bila I** and her friend uses media social untuk burukkan nama my friend. And make irrational accusion to my friend. Kata-kata and tuduhan yang mengaibkan my friend. Because her ex-BF actually sudah lama guna blog and FB my friend untuk ganggu hidup I** from the beginning. So my advice to my friend is,


Huh. You know why i advised her like this? Because i was once in her condition. Back then in 2010 i hardly remember, my blog also manipulated by my mentor a.k.a abang angkat, and i don't know what happen to my personal blog until my friend told me that i (actually him!) left a harsh comment to this girl's blog using my blog. I was surprised and shocked, trying to explain but she and her friends ambushed me saying that it was me! U know if it is not me, means that they already buat FITNAH to myself.. i can make a report to police because of cyber-bullying u know, but i didn't because i still considered her as a cousin. So when my BF and my family know about this, they also advised me to just shutdown and make thing like nothing. That's why i just silent and let the time passed. (Actually kalau ikut hati memang saya mau report polis  perbuatan perempuan tu, sebab bertindak melulu, terlalu egois saying bad thing about me to her surrounding). But the truth is, i am still waiting for her apologize. For everything she had done to me, i will never forget it until she apologize to me. I am so simple, if u've done wrong, just be apologize and i will forget everything. Noktah. 

So my advice to my friend, go report police before her ex-BF bertindak lebih jauh lagi. We have the same situation, only the difference is.. orang yang manipulated my blog tu already passed away years ago and saya maafkan segala kesilapan arwah terhadap apa yang sudah dia lakukan.. so berbalik to my friend case, i prefers her to report police on her ex-BF and also to I** because my friend is a victim of cyber bullying. That enough i think. 

So the rest i leave to my friend's sense and intuition. Saya cuma menyuarakan pendapat saya. Because you know, the power of LAW.  Let her ex-BF and the harsh girl rasa apa my friend rasa. Win-win situation 😆😆😆

Ok long writing here. I got somewhere to go with my family . So long, goodbye. Will update the story of my friend here soon ya. 

Happy weekend. Bye .

Tuesday, August 7, 2018



the most part of being nervous is when you're expected to give birth on that date but the signs are unconvinced. =))

i am expected to give birth early than the date given by the midwives or doctors, and i am okay with that. however, i have this feeling that the time will come at sharp, just around the expected date (based on my LMP). 

i have a vivid dreams lately that make me thinking the time is coming soon. the contractions were felt and other symptoms actually already shows up. but still, i  have another more than 2 weeks before the expected date. therefore, waiting and be alert to the signs and symptoms is the best way just now.

i hope that everything is okay, the process of delivery will be at ease, smooth and safe to me and the baby.

May Allah ease the pain and the difficulties..insyaAllah.


Monday, July 23, 2018

Just bear in mind....

 that different people have different thought of building his/her own family.

Make it simple and simply forget all that hurt you. 

That's the secret of happiness.

Remember that. 


Friday, July 20, 2018

is my blog still alive?


Gossshhh, its been 8 months since my last entry! haha. 

actually i was thinking to de-active my blog..as i am busy like always. But sometime the feeling goes well and i feel like want to share and write something, but i don't like paper, so again, blog is a great choice. =)

i thought its not to late to wish Happy Eid Mubarak to all muslims ppl.. and nextmonth we are going to celebrate Hari Raya Aidil Adha.i wish we have a good memory and experience this year ya! 

As for me, i am busy waiting for my second child to be born in this world by the end of August 2018. yeaaayyy! another 1 month before my due.. pls pray for me.. i hope everything will be fine. Aamiin.

To my husband,
you're great as my Hero! keep encouraging and loving me the way i am. i love you ya! thanks. 

See you all again.